8 BEST Yellowstone Glamping Options For Families

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Are you and your family preparing to visit Yellowstone National Park? Great choice! It’s America’s first, and by all accounts one of our finest national parks! Want to find lodging as unique as this one of a kind park? Then you’ll love these incredible Yellowstone glamping opportunities!

Our family has ventured all over this beautiful region, from Jackson Hole to Big Sky country’s far north in Glacier National Park and everywhere in between.

We spent many nights gazing at star-filled skies, roasting yummy s’mores over the fire pit, and savoring the fresh mountain air before laying our heads down in the plush accommodations of some amazing Yellowstone glamping spots near the park.

Now, I’m here to share the best glamping properties around Yellowstone with you. That way, you and yours can have a trip you’ll cherish for years to come, complete with hot showers and a comfortable bed, of course.

Whether you’re a brand new glamper or you have been glamping for years, the best glamping in the Yellowstone area will provide your family with plenty of much-needed R&R after a long day, admiring all the natural grace and geologic wonders the park has to offer.

Thibodeau family of National Parks Mom in Yellowstone National Park, near the Lost Creek Trail in Tower-Roosevelt area of the parkPin
Lodges and glamping are the way to go when it comes to lodging for your Yellowstone trip. We’ll share all the best options!

Yellowstone National Park: An Overview

Yellowstone was the first area designated as a National Park in the United States, and by most accounts, the world’s first national park, established way back in 1872. Since then, it’s been thrilling and inspiring generations of visitors from around the globe.

The more than 2.2 million acres, or 3,400 square miles, of protected land, is situated atop a dormant super-volcano located primarily in Northwestern Wyoming but also extends into parts of Montana and Idaho.

family in front of West Yellowstone entrance sign at Yellowstone NPPin

That’s why Yellowstone National Park contains more than half of our planet’s geysers, including one of its most famous, Old Faithful Geyser, as well as numerous hot springs and evidence of ancient lava flows.

You’ll also notice abundant wildlife inside Yellowstone, with plenty of elk, bison, bald eagles, and even grizzly bears.

bull elk near Mammoth Hot Springs (north area of Yellowstone National Park)Pin
male bull elk in the Mammoth Springs area of Yellowstone NP

Other key attractions in Yellowstone National Park include the breathtaking waterfalls in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and Yellowstone Lake, one of the largest high-elevation lakes in North America.

Yellowstone National Park is an American icon and symbol of the conservation movement. Its beauty, grandeur, and unique geological features draw millions of visitors annually.

view of the lower falls of the yellowstone from Artist's Point in the Grand Canyon of the YellowstonePin
Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River from Artist’s Poin

My family and I are so grateful to have visited Yellowstone several times and hope to visit again, and again, and again.

To this day, after visiting many, many national parks, Yellowstone remains our family’s absolute favorite. And my kids still get excited when talking about the remarkable things we saw and experienced in this celebrated national park.

family in front of the Morning Glory pool in the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National ParkPin
Us at the Morning Glory pool in the Upper Geyser Basin

Yellowstone Lodging Options

Yellowstone National Park (managed by Xanterra) operates 9 lodges, offering more than 2,000 rooms within the park limits. These are:

  1. Old Faithful Inn
  2. Old Faithful Snow Lodge & Cabins
  3. Old Faithful Lodge Cabins
  4. Canyon Lodge & Cabins
  5. Lake Lodge Cabins
  6. Lake Yellowstone Hotel & Cabins
  7. Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins
  8. Roosevelt Lodge Cabins
  9. Grant Village

*You can read this article with in-depth information about each of these in-park lodging options here.*

Each of these places is wonderful and unique, and I’d highly recommend a stay at ANY of these spots inside the park. The key is to book early, especially if planning to travel during peak summer months.

Many of Yellowstone’s lodges close in the winter months. However, Old Faithful Snow Lodge & Cabins and Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins provide winter accommodations.

There are also 12 NPS-maintained campgrounds in the park. All require advanced reservations except Mammoth Campground, which is first come, first served from October 15 to April 1.

family on the porch at Roosevelt Lodge in Yellowstone National ParkPin
Roosevelt Lodge – one of the park’s more primitive, “glamping-esque” lodging options, and a family favorite of ours!

Pro Tip:

I highly recommend bookending your family’s Yellowstone adventure with a couple of nights in the best Yellowstone glamping spots while spending the middle portion of your trip in the park’s interior lodging.

I highly recommend bookending your family’s Yellowstone adventure with a couple of nights in the best Yellowstone glamping spots while spending the middle portion of your trip in the park’s interior lodging.

We found this to be best for our family mainly because Yellowstone is enormous, and staying inside the park significantly reduced the commuting time to some of our favorite places.

outside of a glamping tent at Under Canvas West YellowstonePin
sitting on the porch of our glamping tent at Under Canvas West Yellowstone

But spending a few nights at the beginning and end of our trips in the best glamping spots allows us to have a truly unique lodging adventure. Glamping outside the park will also allow you to take in some of the local culture, shopping, restaurants and experiences in places like West Yellowstone (west of the park) and Gardiner (north of the park).

Beyond that, you’ll be in closer proximity to the airport, where you can rest before heading into Yellowstone’s vast expanse of rugged terrain and again before heading home.

The Best Time To Glamp in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park attracts visitors year-round. However, the summer months, June-August, are the busiest. That’s when daytime temperatures are pleasant, though sometimes hot, and all park areas are open.

The shoulder seasons of autumn and spring, September-October and April-May, respectively, provide warm daytime temps most of the time and a great chance to see the amazingly vibrant foliage (in autumn) or flora and fauna coming to life (in spring).

Visitation to Yellowstone National Park slows substantially from November-March. During this time, snowfall can be heavy, daytime temps hover around freezing, and many roads shut down in the park, making access to some landmarks impossible.

typical glamping tent at an Under Canvas at sunset - this one in MontanaPin
a typical glamping tent at the Under Canvas in West Yellowstone

I would recommend visiting in early September, if possible. That’s when all of Yellowstone National Park should still be accessible by road, with daytime temps remaining pleasant and the crowds tapering off significantly.

That said, we’ve glamped Yellowstone in July, August and September, and each time had an absolutely wonderful time.

Regardless of when you visit Yellowstone, there will surely be plenty to do and see. Besides, when you’re ready to unwind and warm up or cool down, the best glamping spots generally provide air conditioning, heating, and other modern amenities for your comfort.

8 Best Family-Friendly Glamping Spots In Yellowstone National Park

1. Under Canvas North Yellowstone (Paradise Valley)

Location: Paradise Valley, Montana (approx 45 miles from north Yellowstone entrance) | Accommodates: up to 6 guests

The Under Canvas glamping properties are near and dear to my family’s heart. We’ve stayed at multiple Under Canvas locations over the years, including this one (which opened in 2023) and the West Yellowstone location, which we’ll discuss below. And we’ve had nothing but excellent experiences every time.

three kids standing by the sign in front of the North Yellowstone Paradise Valley Under Canvas ResortPin

The Under Canvas North Yellowstone property is 45 minutes south of the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport and 45 minutes north of the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park (in Gardiner, Montana), the only park entrance open year-round.

The North Yellowstone Paradise Valley Under Canvas community tent at sunsetPin

If you are flying into Bozeman, I’d recommend spending at least one night here before embarking on adventures in Yellowstone. It’s a great midway point between the airport and the park, with all the modern amenities you could ever need.

The North Yellowstone Paradise Valley Under Canvas community tent at sunsetPin

The suite tents feature a bedroom with a king-size bed, a lounge area with a queen-size sofa bed, a private bathroom with a hot shower, sink, and flushing toilet, a private deck with lounge chairs, and a wood-burning stove.

panoramic photo of the interior of our deluxe tent suite at North Yellowstone Under CanvasPin
panoramic photo of the interior of our deluxe tent suite at North Yellowstone Under CanvasPin
Panoramic photos of the interior of our suite tent at Paradise Valley Under Canvas

A kids tent can be added for families with 4+. This rustic kids tent sits next door, and is shaped like a tipi. Kids tents have two single beds, but no indoor plumbing, so kids have to venture next door for a bathroom if needed.

Usually for our family of five, we’ll put one of the singles from the kids tent into the larger tent, that way we are all together. Or, some locations will add another cot, if requested.

interior of our suite tent at the Paradise Valley Under CanvasPin

Larger families can opt for the Yellowstone River Suite, a canvas tent featuring the same amenities as the suite tents, plus 2 twin beds and an additional private bathroom, for a grand total of 2 private bathrooms and 2 hot showers.

The property offers stunning mountain views, over a mile of access to the Yellowstone River, some of the world’s best fly-fishing, fun river float experiences, nightly campfires with complimentary s’mores, live music, morning yoga classes, and plenty of kid-friendly activities.

typical glamping tent, Under Canvas North YellowstonePin
An Under Canvas tent a Paradise Valley during the beautiful Yellowstone sunset

You’ll also have access to on-site dining in this idyllic Paradise Valley setting, where you can throw on your cowboy hat and eat like a hungry cowboy with a gourmet spin.

The North Yellowstone Paradise Valley Under Canvas community tent at sunsetPin

The food is fabulous, and so are the craft cocktails. Coffee, tea, water and hot chocolate (my kids wouldn’t want me to forget to mention the hot cocoa to you!) are included and available 24/7.

Here’s a little bit of video footage from our time there so you can get a bit more of a taste of what the property is like.

YouTube video
Video Tour: North Yellowstone Paradise Valley Under Canvas

2. Under Canvas West Yellowstone

Location: West Yellowstone, Montana (approx 9 miles from west Yellowstone entrance) | Accommodates: up to 7 guests

The West Yellowstone Under Canvas opened in 2012. It was the first resort of what has now grown into 12 locations across the US. And the West Yellowstone location is only 9 miles from the boundary of Yellowstone National Park.

front of the community tent at West Yellowstone Under CanvasPin
Front of the community/welcome tent at West Yellowstone Under Canvas

That entrance, known as the West Entrance, serves as the gateway to many of Yellowstone’s premier geysers and other geological wonders, including Old Faithful Geyser.

After getting a good night’s sleep in your upscale tent, you and your family can be up, out the door, and witnessing the awe-inspiring natural power of Old Faithful, all in less than 1 hour. It’s that easy.

Pro Tip:

Bring sleeping masks on your glamping trip, unless you want to embrace the full “camping” experience of getting up with the sun. Since that’s not typically on my agenda, I always travel with sleep masks at the ready!

Named by Condé Nast Traveler as a “Top 20 Resort in the U.S. – Pacific Northwest & West,” the gorgeous property grounds provide luxury safari-style tents that can comfortably sleep up to 7 people.

Check out the Madison River Suite (there’s only one of these on campus) featuring a bedroom wing with a king-size bed, a living room with a queen sofa bed, 3 twin beds, an ensuite bathroom with a hot shower, sink, and flushing toilet, and a private outdoor deck with lounge chairs and a fire pit.

The only other tents that fit four people are the suite tents, which is what our family always books. Smaller families could opt for a Stargazer tent (sleeps two), which has a king-size bed, a night-sky view window, a private bathroom, a private deck, and a wood-burning stove with complimentary firewood. For families with older children, you could book two side-by-side, or opt for one stargazer plus a kid’s tent (which sits right next to your other tent).

panoramic of glamping tent, Under Canvas West YellowstonePin

Speak with the on-site adventure guides who can take help get your family set up on private guided hiking tours, wildlife-watching excursions, kayaking or rafting trips, horseback riding tours, and more.

When hunger or thirst calls, you can enjoy tasty cocktails, and delicious coffee in the on-site dining area for a relaxing experience or the grab-n-go station if you’re on the move.

panoramic view of the community tent at West Yellowstone Under CanvasPin
panoramic view of the community tent interior

For a full meal, at this location you’ll have to take a short walk (a little less than 1/4 mile) or drive from the community tent to the Bar N Ranch Restaurant. Honestly, this is my least favorite part about the West Yellowstone location.

Under Canvas locations that were subsequently built provide all of their meals inside the community tent which is more convenient, and honestly…better all-round. But the town of West Yellowstone is only a short drive, so you can always head into town and try a place like The Buffalo Bar as and alternative spot for dinner. And you can’t beat the location of this Under Canvas property being so close to the park.

Here’s a quick video tour of our tent from our trip there in 2023…

YouTube video
Tour of a suite tent at West Yellowstone Under Canvas

3. Tammah Glamping

Location: Island Park, Idaho (approx 19 miles from west Yellowstone entrance) | Accommodates: up to 7 guests

Nestled away in Island Park, a small town in Idaho’s northwesternmost reaches, Tammah Glamping is just a short drive from Yellowstone’s main thoroughfare, the West Entrance.

This breathtaking glamping spot maintains a perfect balance between natural beauty and contemporary comfort, making it an ideal location to hang out, kick back, and revel in your surroundings when you’re not inside Yellowstone National Park.

You’ll have access to an on-site general store where you can stock up on supplies, fire pits where you can roast marshmallows or warm up, and complimentary on-site activities like cornhole, horseshoes, and disc golf, among other things.

The Large Family Suite luxury tents provide a king bed, 2 bunk beds, 2 twin mattresses, and a sleeper sofa, all equipped with premium bedding.

Smaller families can spend a night in a luxury Geo-Dome Suite with a king-size bed, a sleeper sofa, patio chairs, and sweeping views of the mountains.

Shared bathrooms and shower houses offer flush toilets and heated showers cleaned and sanitized by the devoted on-site staff multiple times daily.

4. Dreamcatcher Tipis At Yellowstone

Location: Gardiner, Montana (approx 6 miles from north Yellowstone entrance) | Accommodates: 4 guests

Have you ever wondered what spending a night in a tipi under the stars in Big Sky country would be like? Well, if you have, this glamping site can help.

Dreamcatcher Tipis At Yellowstone, aka the Dreamcatcher Tipi Hotel, provides a modern take on the ancient Native American dwelling, with well-lit spacious abodes boasting luxury furniture, electric heaters, and private outdoor seating with firepits included, amounting to a comfortable stay.

The King Tipi provides a king bed and a double sofa bed with memory foam mattresses, while the Two Double Bed Tipis provide, you guessed it, a pair of double beds. All tipis are outfitted with a chandelier, lamps, and outlets for electronic devices.

Plus, the property allows you to bring your pets for an extra cost, and you’ll have the chance to cook out on communal BBQ grills, enjoy a complimentary breakfast, and lounge at the nightly campfires where staff will provide complimentary s’mores and complimentary adult beverages.

There’s also an observation deck where you can look out over the Yellowstone River, a lifesize Jenga game, and a Level 2 EV charging station to charge up your electric vehicle for free.

The bathhouse, just a short walk from your luxury tent, provides private restrooms with heated floors, all-natural bath products, hot showers, and flushing toilets.

5. Yellowstone Tipis

Location: Gardiner, Montana (approx 1 mile from north Yellowstone entrance) | Accommodates: 4 guests

Tucked away in the fun little western town of Gardiner, Montana, Yellowstone Tipis is just 5 minutes from Yellowstone’s North Entrance, the gateway for visitors heading to Mammoth Hot Springs.

You’ll have the opportunity to experience life in a tipi, much like the indigenous people of the Americas once did. However, these tipis won’t leave you lacking for comfort, as they contain either 2 queen beds or a single king bed, depending on your preference.

The Hawkeye Suite has you covered if you’d like to forgo the tipis and opt for a more modern dwelling. This large home comprises 4 bedrooms, boasting 3 king-sized beds and 4 full bunk beds. Plus, you’ll have 3.5 ensuite bathrooms, a full kitchen, a living room, a dining room, and an outdoor seating area.

The Tipi Lodge Lounge has puzzles, board games, and a television where the kids can spend nights making new friends or bonding over shared interests.

The gas fire pits provide warmth while you look up at the numerous constellations visible in the night sky.

Wake up and enjoy your complimentary breakfast of fresh fruit, bagels, toast, muffins, and jams before making the short trip to Yellowstone National Park.

6. Moose Creek Ranch

Location: South Victor, Idaho (approx 79 miles from south Yellowstone entrance) | Accommodates: 4 guests

Situated just over the Wyoming border in South Victor, Idaho, Moose Creek Ranch is a great home base for families who’d like to visit Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park, and Yellowstone National Park.

The property is a 45-minute drive from Jackson Hole and a 50-minute drive from Grand Teton National Park, which are situated near one another. Once you leave the Tetons heading north, it’s less than an hour to Yellowstone’s South Entrance.

This popular circuit is traversed daily by ambitious travelers trying to visit all these iconic locations simultaneously, and if done right should give you plenty of time to see most of the area.

The secluded Moose Creek Ranch offers 5 off-grid glamping cabins, which contain a queen-size bed and wood stove underneath a canvas roof, suitable for smaller families. Tall pines surround each frame cabin for ample privacy.

Larger families can go for the Airstream Glamping option, where you’ll have your own private vintage airstream next to Moose Creek. You’ll also get a private outdoor fireplace, personal grill, picnic table, Adirondack chairs, and a full bathroom.

The property has nice common areas, including a recreation room with a television, pool table, and Wi-Fi. Kids can play on the large grassy lawns while mom and dad do laundry in the on-site laundry house.

In the winter months, guests can take advantage of cross-country skiing trails, fat bike rentals, and nearby hot springs.

7. Yellowstone Dreamin Camp

Location: Emigrant, Montana (approx 39 miles from north Yellowstone entrance) | Accommodates: 4 guests

Get off the beaten path at the rustic glamping accommodation, where you can truly experience the marvels of Big Sky Montana. There is no light pollution here, but there is plenty of fresh mountain air.

With a plethora of guided tours available, including a full-day hiking tour, wildlife viewing adventures, photography tours, and more, it’s easy to schedule your ideal Yellowstone tour package on the property.

Book the Majestic Elk Tent, which is great for large families. It has a king-size bed, a queen-size bed, and a queen-size sofa bed, along with a private deck and seating for 4.

Don’t need that much space? The Beaver Dam Tent offers a king bed and a queen bed with a good-sized private deck and chairs.

After a good night’s sleep in your comfy tent, head over to the breakfast area to have your complimentary continental breakfast, including juice, fruit, cereal, and muffins.

To-go lunches can be prepared in the on-site restaurant with 24 hours’ notice, should you decide to bring some food along for your day in Yellowstone.

The Yellowstone Dreamin Camp also has boarding for dogs and horses on the property, so you might just catch a few friendly animals milling about, making for a unique experience for you and your kids.

8. Key Montana Glamping

Location: Paradise Valley, Montana (approx 40 miles from north Yellowstone entrance) | Accommodates: 3 guests

Nestled in the idyllic Paradise Valley, 15 minutes south of Livingston, Montana, Key Montana Glamping gives you the chance to rest and relax in a geodesic dome, providing sweeping panoramic views of the nearby mountains.

The small property contains just 4 domes, making peace and serenity an everyday occurrence here.

outside of a dome tent from key montana rentalsPin

Inside your private geodesic dome, you’ll find a queen-sized bed, a sofa bed, a large private bathroom, and a kitchenette where you can prepare meals.

The dome’s huge front-facing windows will make you feel as if you’re sleeping outside while still enjoying the heat and air conditioning each abode provides.

Plus, you’ll have easy access to the Yellowstone River and the 120 acres of BLM land adjacent to the Key Montana Glamping property.

You can also make full use of your wood-burning stove, outdoor fire pit, lounge chairs, and some of the most vibrant starry night skies in all of the Big Sky country.

inside of a dome tent from key montana rentalsPin

Closing Thoughts: Family Glamping Yellowstone National Park

If you’d like a fantastic glamping experience, you’re in luck because there is certainly no shortage of excellent glamping opportunities within arm’s length of Yellowstone National Park.

These simple yet luxurious accommodations afford us the chance to spend quality time with family, enjoy the great outdoors, trade stories around a community campfire, and savor the precious moments we have together.

family playing cards at glamping resort Under Canvas, North YellowstonePin
Glamping will give your family the perfect opportunity to unplug, unwind, and enjoy being together

For those of us who like the idea of camping but aren’t going to willingly give up indoor plumbing, a comfortable bed, and craft cocktails after a long day of hiking, glamping is a great way to reconnect with the beauty of nature sans the annoyances.

Glamping adventures around Yellowstone, with the uninterrupted views of Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, is the perfect way to bond over a shared love of the outdoors.

We hope your family has the chance to do the same!

Pin this information about the best Yellowstone glamping spots for later! And if you found this article helpful, leave a comment on the pin. That helps others decide whether to use this information, too!

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