12 Best Family Glamping Spots: Acadia National Park 

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Looking for lodging options on an upcoming trip to Maine? You’ll definitely want to check out these incredible glamping Acadia National Park options…

Acadia National Park is the perfect blend of land and sea. Spruce and tall pine trees cover Northern Maine’s rugged landscape on Mount Desert Island which is completely surrounded by the wild Atlantic Ocean.

Both moose and whales call this national park home. No wonder it’s one of the top five most-visited national parks in the United States!

three children in front of Acadia National Park sign in MainePin
The NPM kiddos at the Acadia National Park sign

Likewise, glamping Acadia National Park offers the perfect blend of camping and luxury. Whether you stay in canvas tents or tiny houses, glamping offers a back-to-basics outdoor experience in beautiful locations with comfortable beds and all the amenities you need to feel clean, warm, and well-fed.

Glamping is ideal for families or larger groups of friends visiting Acadia National Park as they are some of the only types of accommodation with enough space. Plus, many glamping spots offer bonus fun experiences you won’t find in hotels!

This guide covers all the best glamping Acadia National Park options within a 22-mile radius of the Hulls Cove park entrance suitable for the entire family.

It includes facilities, guest capacity, pet info, and all the other essential things you need to know to find the right place for your luxury glamping experience at Acadia.

glamping Acadia National Park: our family in front of tent 64 at Acadia Under CanvasPin
The NPM family in front of tent 64 at Acadia Under Canvas

Can You Find Glamping Spots in Acadia National Park?

Let’s answer the first question you might have about glamping Acadia National Park before diving into the list of options: can you stay at a glampground inside the national park?

The short answer is no.

There are some (but not many) campgrounds where you can book an RV or tent site inside this New England park’s boundaries. You will not find any form of permanent lodging in the park like a glamping tent, tiny house, or cabin.

However, you will find tons of unique places for your glamping Acadia National Park experience only a short drive to the park entrances right here!

typical glamping tent at an Under Canvas at sunset - this one in MontanaPin
Typical “glamping” style tent – this one at Under Canvas West Yellowstone

1. Under Canvas Acadia

  • Type of Glamping Accommodation: Luxury Canvas Tents
  • Address: 702 Surry Rd, Surry, ME 04684
  • Distance from Hulls Cove Entrance: 21.5 miles/35 minutes
  • Capacity for Guests: 2-7 people
  • Pets Allowed? Dogs only with an extra nightly fee

Surrounded by a dense wooded area and sitting on 100 acres of waterfront property, Under Canvas Acadia has exactly everything you want in a glamping Acadia National Park experience.

You get to stay in a safari-inspired canvas tent with modern furnishings and high-quality facilities you would expect in a boutique hotel with views of 1,200 feet of coastline.

They have seven luxury tent types including suites with a separate kids’ tent, called a “hive”, and a special stargazer tent with complimentary Celestron telescopes. Under Canvas’s Cadillac Mountain tent even fits up to seven people.

Glamping Acadia National Park: two kids in a "hive" tent at Under Canvas AcadiaPin
Two of my kids, Charlotte and Hudson, in a “hive” tent next door to our tent at Acadia Under Canvas

Facilities and Amenities

Every suite tent has a private bathroom, a king-sized bed, and a wood-burning stove with complimentary firewood. The bigger suites that cater to four or more people also have queen pull-out sofa beds in the lounge area, and two twin beds in the adjacent “hive” kids’ tents if you decide on that tent style.

suite tent at Under Canvas AcadiaPin
Our suite tent in the Maine woods at Acadia Under Canvas

There’s also outdoor seating and a free parking lot but no WiFi so you can enjoy a digital detox.

Under Canvas prides itself on its packed program of activities and entertainment including scavenger hunts and live concerts of acoustic music. While there are no kitchen facilities in the tents apart from the wood stove, there is on-site dining.

Under Canvas Acadia guests listening to an outdoor presentation about owls at sunsetPin
Guests at Under Canvas Acadia listening to a presentation about owls native to the Maine coast

In fact, dining in your tent is off-limits as you don’t want to invite extra overnight guests (i.e. skunks, raccoons, etc). The food at Under Canvas is outstanding. Pricey, perhaps, but totally worth it in my estimation.

grandpa and grandson enjoying a homemade candy apple together at Under Canvas AcadiaPin
Like grandpa, like grandson – two of my favorite guys enjoying a fancy homemade caramel apple together at Under Canvas Acadia.

From the fancy cocktails to the 24/7 complimentary coffee bar, to the lululemon and Yeti items stocked in the gift shop…Under Canvas is the Four Seasons of the glamping world, and this mom is ALL about this kind of camping!

view from a canvas suite tent at Under Canvas Acadia into the Maine woodsPin
View of the Maine woods from our suite tent at Under Canvas Acadia

2. Terramor Outdoor Resort

  • Type of Glamping Accommodation: Luxury Tents
  • Address: 1453 ME-102, Bar Harbor, ME 04609
  • Distance from Hulls Cove Entrance: 6 miles/10 minutes
  • Capacity for Guests: 2-5 people
  • Pets Allowed? Yes!

Just outside of Town Hill, Terramor Outdoor Resort is another incredibly luxurious glamping spot near Acadia National Park. It’s only a short walk from several restaurants and craft breweries, but the safari-style tents still feel secluded in Terramor’s 45 acres of private land.

Here’s a helpful Instagram story with a bit of an overview:

Facilities and Amenities

Terramor Outdoor Resort has five different types of luxury tents. At the minimum, they all have a king bed and a full bathroom though some tents have the added bonus of warm, covered outdoor showers. You’ll have your own private fire pits no matter which tent you choose.

As one of the leading destinations in glamping Acadia National Park, Terramor prides itself on paying attention to the little details. They provide guests with WiFi, pour-over coffee from local roasters, and luxurious wool Pendleton blankets. Head to Terramor Outdoor Resort’s communal lodge for live music or their pool so everyone can relax after a long day hiking nature trails.

3. Woods of Eden Glampground

  • Type of Glamping Accommodation: Safari-Style Cabins
  • Address: 12 Seabury Dr, Bar Harbor, ME 04609
  • Distance from Hulls Cove Entrance: 4.5 miles/7 minutes
  • Capacity for Guests: 4-6 people
  • Pets Allowed? No, only service animals

Because it’s in extremely close proximity to the Hulls Cove park entrance and Downtown Bar Harbor, Woods of Eden Glampground is a super convenient place to stay for your family national park vacation.

It’s a smaller site with only six cabin-tents (yes, that’s a made-up word but that’s what they are!) and each one has fun, unique decor and tons of amenities.

Facilities and Amenities

Every single tent has a full bathroom and at least one queen bed accompanied by another queen bed, bunk beds, or twin beds. They all have a kitchenette including a coffee maker, a small refrigerator, a hot plate, and all the cooking tools and utensils you’ll need for six people.

Since there’s no community space for activities and entertainment, everything you need for family fun is in the tents. Woods of Eden provides board games and equipment for outdoor games too.

4. Acadia Yurts & Wellness Center

  • Type of Glamping Accommodation: Yurts and Tiny Houses
  • Address: 200 Seal Cove Rd, Southwest Harbor, ME 04679
  • Distance from Hulls Cove Entrance: 14.5 miles/25 minutes
  • Capacity for Guests: 2-6 people
  • Pets Allowed? Yes, in two yurts only

With only two tiny houses, one 30-foot Dorr Mountain yurt, and six 24-foot yurts, Acadia Yurts & Wellness Center gets booked up quickly in peak season! It’s easy to see why as these yurts are utterly adorable and is a great place for a quintessential glamping Acadia National Park escape with your whole family.

YouTube video

Facilities and Amenities

Every yurt has at least two queen beds with a kitchenette and a full bathroom. There is a skylight and plenty of windows to let in natural light as well as WiFi. Of course, the tiny houses have everything you’d expect in a regular-sized house!

One of the best things about staying at Acadia Yurts & Wellness Center in Southwest Harbor is, unsurprisingly, the wellness center. You can join their daily yoga classes or take advantage of the sauna and floatation room.

Kids are very welcome here and you’ll find a stash of board games and beach toys you can borrow.

5. Acadia Wilderness Lodge

  • Type of Glamping Accommodation: Yurts and Luxury Tents
  • Address: 38 Kelleytown Rd, West Tremont, ME 04612
  • Distance from Hulls Cove Entrance: 17.5 miles/30 minutes
  • Capacity for Guests: 4 people
  • Pets Allowed? Yes for an extra fee

Acadia Wilderness Lodge‘s Yurt Village has some of the most ‘extra’ yurts you’ve ever seen. It doesn’t hurt that this glampground is in an incredible location with easy access to the waterfront at Goose Cove.

Facilities and Amenities

One of the first things that will impress you at Acadia Wilderness Lodge is that the yurt has an equipped kitchen, a full bathroom (that includes a tub!), and two bedrooms with doors. This is the perfect place if you have young kids so you can relax in the lounge while they sleep.

Acadia Wilderness Lodge makes things simple by offering local fare food kits you order in advance to cook on your outdoor gas grill.

6. Bar Harbor / Oceanside KOA Holiday

  • Type of Glamping Accommodation: Cabins
  • Address: 136 County Rd, Bar Harbor, ME 04609
  • Distance from Hulls Cove Entrance: 21 miles/35 minutes
  • Capacity for Guests: 2-6 people
  • Pets Allowed? Yes for an extra fee

Kampgrounds of America (KOA) is well known for its fully-equipped RV parks but that’s something COO Whitney Scott is hoping to change. Bar Harbor / Oceanside KOA Holiday also offers deluxe (with bathrooms)…

cabin at KOA Acadia KampgroundPin
Exterior of one of the deluxe cabins at KOA Bar Harbor

As well as rustic cabins (shared bathrooms) on the site’s private waterfront wide open space (pictured below).

Facilities and Amenities

While the facilities (at least two bedrooms, overhead fans with AC, full bathroom, full kitchen, etc.) suggest it’s more ‘glam’ than ‘camping’, it’s a little less luxurious and a little more functional than some of the other glamping Acadia National Park options.

But the views here? Hard to beat…

sunset at the waterfront at KOA Bar Harbor, MainePin
Waterfront at sunset, Bar Harbor / Oceanside KOA Holiday

And there are lots of family-friendly amenities like toasting s’mores, a lobster truck to satisfy those New England seafood cravings…

lobster truck on premises of the KOA in Bar Harbor MainePin
On-site lobster truck at the Bar Harbor / Oceanside KOA Holiday

as well as a dog park if you’re traveling with your pets that will help you realize why KOA is such a successful campground in the first place…they even sell these adorable dog treats at the camp store!

KOA Bar Harbor dog treats from the camp storePin
Even your dog can experience the upside of glamping with fancy dog treats from the KOA camp store

7. Bass Harbor Campground

  • Type of Glamping Accommodation: Yurts and Cabins
  • Address: 342 Harbor Dr, Bass Harbor, ME 04653
  • Distance from Hulls Cove Entrance: 17.5 miles/35 minutes
  • Capacity for Guests: 4-12 people
  • Pets Allowed? Yes for an extra fee

Only a half mile from Bass Harbor town, this site is primarily a campground for tents and RVs that also offers three yurts and seven cabins. The key selling point of Bass Harbor Campground is that you can snag a parking spot right by your yurt or cabin and it offers plenty of space for large families.

The cabins are also ADA compliant with a wheelchair access ramp, if that’s important for your party!

exterior of a cabin with wheelchair ramp at bass harbor campground in Maine outside of Acadia NPPin
Image via Bass Harbor Campground – this is one of (7) cabins; they also have (3) yurts

Facilities and Amenities

If you’re looking for a less luxurious experience and a more back-to-basics glamping experience, Bass Harbor is a great choice. All the beds are in one space and note that bedding and towels are not provided.

However, there are outlets as well as some cooking facilities like a grill, fire pit, and a picnic table. There’s even an onsite pool!

bass harbor campground interior cabin picture with bunk bedsPin
Interior of cabin at Bass Harbor Campground

8. Quietside Campground & Cabins

  • Type of Glamping Accommodation: Cabins
  • Address: 397 Tremont Rd, Bernard, ME 04612
  • Distance from Hulls Cove Entrance: 18.5 miles/30 minutes
  • Capacity for Guests: 2-4 people
  • Pets Allowed? Yes, dogs only

Like Bass Harbor, Quietside Campground & Cabins is mostly a tent campsite but they also have nine cabins, one two-story cabin, and three hobbit-style cabins (though the hobbit-style units only sleep 2) in this wooded, secluded site.

quietside campground acadia national park rustic 2-story cabin exteriorPin
Quietside 2-story Cabin

Facilities and Amenities

This is a rustic glamping Acadia National Park experience as none of the cabins have plumbing or WiFi. What they do have is a solar-powered generator with an ice box, firewood, and charcoal grill.

As the name of the site suggests, the only interruptions you’ll have on your off-grid vacation here are from rustling trees and birdsong. But if Quietside is getting a little too quiet, you can head to the main office for WiFi, board games, a pool table, and more.

quietside campground acadia national park rustic cabin exteriorPin
Quietside Campground Rustic Cabin

9. HTR Acadia Luxury Camping Resort

  • Type of Glamping Accommodation: Cabins
  • Address: 5 Spinnaker Way, Mt Desert, ME 04660
  • Distance from Hulls Cove Entrance: 10 miles/20 minutes
  • Capacity for Guests: 3-4 guests
  • Pets Allowed? Yes

Formerly known as Somes Sound View Campground, HTR Acadia Luxury Camping Resort is a new-and-improved campground in Southwest Harbor. While the site also caters to tents, RVs, and campers, they also have four off-grid cabins.

These are ideal for budget-conscious families who usually camp but want to sleep on comfortable beds under a solid roof and electrical outlets.

Facilities and Amenities

Every cabin has beds, lights, a picnic table, a fire pit, and potable water facilities. Note that the bathrooms and showers are in shared facilities, so only go to HTR Acadia Resort if you’re happy with that step up.

10. Smuggler’s Den Campground

  • Type of Glamping Accommodation: Cabin
  • Address: 20 Main St, Southwest Harbor, ME 04679
  • Distance from Hulls Cove Entrance: 12 miles/20 minutes
  • Capacity for Guests: 2-5 people
  • Pets Allowed? Yes, a maximum of two pets

The log cabins at Smuggler’s Den Campground will remind you of the best time you had on vacations you used to take when you were a kid. There’s an ice box by the main office and tall pine trees surrounding the entire site. Plus, there’s a grocery store only a minute’s drive away for spontaneous s’more toastings.

cabin at Smugglers Den campground near Acadia NP, MainePin

Facilities and Amenities

Everything is provided at Smuggler’s Den Campground except bedding and towels. Expect full kitchens and bedrooms and overhead fans in the lounge and bedroom areas with comfortable outdoor seating and cooking areas.

It’s a sprawling campsite with a large recreational area with a playground and pool.

11. Acadia Cottages

  • Type of Glamping Accommodation: Tiny Homes
  • Address: 410 Main St, Southwest Harbor, ME 04679
  • Distance from Hulls Cove Entrance: 14 miles/25 minutes
  • Capacity for Guests: 2-4 people
  • Pets Allowed? No

While this site might be called Acadia Cottages, these 15 glamping spots are more like tiny homes. They are compact, purpose-built houses with a small porch and a cozy interior.

Facilities and Amenities

Only the largest of these cottages will be suitable for families which are equipped with one king-sized bed and one queen bed. All of the cottages have a lounge area, dining tables both inside and out, and a kitchenette. Only one cabin has an oven but they all have microwaves.

These cabins are more like separate short-term rentals than campgrounds so there is no communal center. But you get tons of privacy!

exterior of one of the cabins at Acadia Cabins outside of Acadia NP, MainePin

12. Old Acadia Ranger Yurt on Airbnb

  • Type of Glamping Accommodation: Yurt
  • Address: Long Pond, ME
  • Distance from Hulls Cove Entrance: 11 miles/22 minutes
  • Capacity for Guests: 4 people
  • Pets Allowed? No

If you usually book your glamping experiences through Airbnb, the best option for Acadia National Park is the Old Acadia Ranger Yurt. Long Pond has gorgeous scenery and this yurt has everything you need for a family adventure.

Facilities and Amenities

Old Acadia Ranger Yurt has a king bed in a loft, a single bed, and a sofa bed as well as a full kitchen, full bathroom, and free on-site parking. While you won’t get the community spaces and activities of a campground, you do get privacy, peace, and quiet. Plus, you’ll be spending most of your vacation enjoying hiking trails and spotting wildlife in Acadia National Park anyway!

old ranger yurt near Acadia NPPin

Glamping Acadia National Park: Overall Score of 12 Best Spots

If you’re confused about why you didn’t see some of the most popular recommended options on this top glamping Acadia National Park list, there’s a simple reason.

Sandy Pines Campground at Goose Rocks Beach, Maine Forest Yurts, Huttopia Southern Maine, and Huttopia White Mountains are actually hundreds of miles from the national park. Some are even out of state in New Hampshire!

This guide really does cover all the best glamping spots near Acadia National Park for families. They are:

  • Under Canvas Acadia (best for luxury)
  • Terramor Outdoor Resort (best for amenities)
  • Woods of Eden Campground (best for location)
  • Acadia Yurts & Wellness Center (best for relaxation)
  • Acadia Wilderness Lodge (best for young families)
  • Bar Habor / Oceanside KOA Holiday (best for water sports)
  • Bass Harbor Campground (best for large families)
  • Quietside Campground & Cabins (best for off-grid)
  • HTR Acadia Luxury Camping Resort (best for affordability)
  • Smuggler’s Den Campground (best for traditional campground)
  • Acadia Cottages (best for seclusion)
  • Old Acadia Ranger Yurt (best on Airbnb)

Digging Deeper

Pin this Acadia glamping article for later! And if you try one of these glamping spots, leave a comment on the pin! That helps other families decide whether they’d like to try one of these places, too!

GLAMPING Acadia National Park! If your family is looking for the best glamping options around Acadia NP in Maine, check out these 12! #glamping #acadiaglamping #familyglamping #acadianationalpark #nationalparksmomPin

Enjoy your vacation at Acadia National Park! It’s truly a magical place that you and your family are sure to love!

family sitting on rocks in Acadia National ParkPin
Our family during a walk around Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park
happy trails, heatherPin
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