17 Best Family Glamping Spots: Joshua Tree National Park

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Would you and your family love a fantastic Joshua Tree National Park adventure? Although it’s a ways away from the big city, this wondrous desert outpost has many awesome accommodations where you can soak up all the area’s natural wonders without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

Perhaps you’ve heard about glamping (glamorous camping) in passing, or maybe your family has had more glamping excursions than you can count. Regardless of your experience, glamping is often the best way to get “in touch” with nature while spending your evenings relaxing in a hot tub and comfy bed.

Joshua Tree National Park continues to be one of the most visited parks in the United States, so more glamping sites are popping up each year. This has made finding the ideal glamping spots for family fun quite a task.

The good news is this article will give you all the details on the best family-friendly glamping spots in the Joshua Tree National Park region.

I’ve ranked and reviewed the 17 best glamping spots near Joshua Tree National Park, where your family will have the best experience on your desert excursion.

The ranking is determined by a combination of factors. First, real glamping options rank higher. While there are several “off-the-grid” style accommodations in this list, the top places are more traditional, quality glamping choices. Second, the list is created with families in mind. The better the accommodation caters to a family, the higher it ranks.

Whether you’re a seasoned national park mom or a first-timer, Joshua Tree National Park is sure to impress.

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Joshua Tree National Park: Overview

Approximately 130 miles east of Los Angeles, Joshua Tree National Park’s scenery has been inspiring artists, dreamers, and outdoor enthusiasts for decades.

A short drive from Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park comprises approximately 800,000 acres of pristine desert wilderness. The unique landscape, often compared to an “alien world,” sits at the intersection of the Mojave and Colorado deserts.

Despite the harsh environment, where summer temperatures soar above 100 degrees and winter temperatures plunge below freezing, Joshua Tree National Park supports an abundance of unique flora and fauna.

You’ll notice the “Dr. Seuss-esque” Joshua Trees everywhere, and if you look closely, you may even catch a herd of bighorn sheep lounging atop one of the park’s numerous rocky bluffs.

The Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Center is in Twentynine Palms, just up the road from the park’s north entrance. The nearby town of Joshua Tree (west entrance) and the more remote Cottonwood Spring area (south entrance) provide additional park access points.

Joshua Tree’s north and west entrances are separated by 25 miles via CA-62. These serve as the main points of park entrance for most visitors. The south entrance, about 32 miles east of Indio off of the I-10, is less used.

Weather conditions can be extreme, and GPS systems may send you onto a far-flung dirt road within the park. For those reasons, it’s always a good idea to check park conditions and stop by the Visitor Center in Twentynine Palms to grab a physical map before heading in to see the marvels that await.

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Joshua Tree Lodging Options

Joshua Tree National Park offers 9 campgrounds, 5 of which require reservations. These are:

  1. Black Rock
  2. Cottonwood
  3. Indian Cove
  4. Jumbo Rocks
  5. Ryan

Other campgrounds, like White Tank and Hidden Valley, operate on a first-come, first-served basis and can get quite busy on holidays and weekends. Some campgrounds may also close during the summer months.

Unfortunately, there is no lodging or restaurant inside Joshua Tree National Park. But hey, at least you know this incredibly stunning desert locale, with its untamed wild beauty, is the “real deal.”

If you decide to camp in the park, I recommend making reservations several months in advance. There are only about 500 individual campsites, and they can fill up quickly.

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The Best Time To Glamp In Joshua Tree National Park

Depending on what you and your family want to do and see, the best time to glamp in Joshua Tree National Park can vary.

However, during the summer months, Joshua Tree National Park may feel like the inside of a sauna cranked up to maximal heat levels, and winter nights can get chilly, with the occasional snowfall in some parts of the high desert areas.

If you’re looking for mild weather and pure beauty, early spring (March & April) is a great time to visit. Daytime temperatures usually range from the mid-70s to the low-80s, with nighttime temperatures in the mid-40s to the low-50s. Plus, you may catch the vibrant desert flower bloom.

The autumn months (October & November) bring a break from the summer heat, with daytime temperatures sitting between the mid-80s and low-70s and nighttime temps in the mid-50s to mid-40s. Also, autumn’s softer light provides the best time for capturing photos in the park.

March is usually the busiest month inside Joshua Tree National Park, with the number of entrants tapering off as summer approaches and then picking back up in autumn.

I’d personally recommend visiting Joshua Tree in either the second half of April or the second half of October. You’ll experience mild temperatures, smaller crowds, and mesmerizing natural scenes during these times.

No matter when you visit Joshua Tree National Park, be sure to check the NPS webpage for park updates. And remember, the best glamping spots usually provide heating, air conditioners, and other modern amenities that will have you living in stylish comfort no matter the time of year.

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17 Best Family-Friendly Glamping Spots In Joshua Tree National Park

1. The Castle House Estate

Location: Joshua Tree, California (approx 12 miles from west Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 8 guests

An oasis in the desert and the best Joshua Tree glamping experience, The Castle House Estate evokes images of medieval European castles transplanted into the California desert.

The property offers multiple accommodation options, including Joshua Tree yurts, shipping container homes, guard towers (castle-like structures), and bungalows.

The 3-bedroom bungalow comes with an extra-large double bed, 2 large double beds, and a sofa bed. It has a private kitchen, ensuite bathroom, washing machine, flat-screen TV, and amazing views of the yucca-covered mountains.

Large canvas luxury tents offer a double bed and a futon bed for more “Spartanish,” although still comfortable, living. If you opt for a glamping tent or yurt, you will share showers and bathrooms.

In the center of the camp, there is a small communal swimming pool and sunbathing platform with lounge chairs. There’s also a fire pit where you can roast marshmallows and watch a gorgeous desert sunset. Room service is available on-site, too.

If you’re up for it, jump in the communal sauna, where you can work up a sweat before heading out for a hike.

Look around, and you’ll find a building that functions as a roller rink, complete with complimentary roller skates, where you can skate and dance the night away.

2. AutoCamp Joshua Tree

Location: Joshua Tree, California (approx 6 miles from west Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 4 guests

The airstream travel trailer has come to symbolize traditional family travel in the American West. At this chic glamping spot, you can stay in one decked out with (nearly) all the modern amenities.

These vintage airstreams have a queen bed and a twin futon bed. If you need more sleeping space, staff will provide an extra futon mattress upon request.

You’ll also have a private bathroom with a rainfall showerhead and toiletries, plus a kitchenette with a coffee and tea maker, microwave, minifridge, and electric kettle.

Outside your magical airstream abode, you’ll have a private picnic table and a private fire pit with chairs.

Don’t feel like preparing a meal? Visit the on-site restaurant, which offers gourmet dishes and a complimentary breakfast each morning.

You’ll also find a fabulous outdoor swimming pool and playground, along with a main building offering workspaces, WiFi, plush furniture, a lovely fireplace, a water dispenser, snacks, beverages, and board games.

3. Area Fifty-Five Futuro House

Location: Joshua Tree, California (approx 5 miles from west Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 4 guests

Maybe you’ve heard the reports of flying saucers appearing in the starry California desert nights? Well, here’s your chance to sleep, eat, and hang out inside one!

But this flying saucer wasn’t made by extraterrestrials. It’s actually an authentic Futuro House, a concept developed by a Finnish architect to celebrate human space exploration at the tail end of the 1960s.

At first glance, the structure appears to be hovering over the valley floor. Its “porthole” windows provide its occupants sweeping views of the surrounding desert landscape.

The space-inspired abode features a queen-sized daybed and a pair of fold-out futons where kids, or even “smallish” adults, can comfortably sleep.

The location is entirely off-grid and runs on solar power. It offers a heated outdoor shower, a separate bathroom, an outdoor kitchen with a dining area, and a BBQ grill.

Plus, you’ll get another outdoor area with a fire pit, where you can keep warm while gazing at stars on chilly nights, and a bowling game, where you can have some fun knocking down the pins.

Your accommodation will include a space heater, air conditioning, WiFi, outlets, towels, toiletries, cooking equipment, crockery, and silverware.

4. 28 Palms Ranch

Location: Twentynine Palms, California (approx 14 miles from north Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 6 guests

This “no frills” glamping spot is located in Joshua Tree National Park’s gateway town, Twentynine Palms. It contains authentic yurt dwellings similar to those traditionally used by nomadic tribes in Central Asia.

Stepping inside one of these yurts will have you feeling like you’ve been transported to ancient Mongolia, with a few extra creature comforts, of course.

Your yurt will come equipped with air conditioning, heat, and an exterior private bathroom with hot water, a shower, towels, and toiletries.

Depending on which yurt you book, sleeping arrangements range from a queen-sized bed and a queen-sized futon to a king-sized bed, queen-sized bed, and double bed.

You’ll also have access to a private kitchenette with silverware and crockery, a picnic table, a fire pit, and an outdoor seating area.

Dogs are welcome here (for additional charges) on this quaint little property, where you can enjoy quiet nights with breathtaking starry views.

5. The Kosmic Tortoise

Location: Twentynine Palms, California (approx 12 miles from north Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 3 guests per tent

A short drive from the Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Center, The Kosmic Tortoise is the perfect place to unwind and gaze upon luminous skies after a long day hiking, climbing, and playing in the park.

You’ll sleep in a dome tent with a large double bed and a comfortable inflatable bed available upon request. But that’s not even the best part of these elegant dome tents.

You’ll be treated to a huge window situated at the foot end of the bed, providing you unobstructed panoramic views of mountains, yucca trees, and, of course, the impressive constellations so easily visible here.

You’ll also have a private bathroom with a sink, toilet, hot shower, towels, wash clothes, soap, and shampoo.

You can cook a delicious meal on the gas grill and serve it on the complimentary dishes in your covered dining area. Then, put the leftovers in your mini fridge and take them with you on the trail for a picnic lunch.

The Kosmic Tortoise is wildly popular with astrophotographers and sunrise chasers. Its geodesic dome tents provide outstanding views of the stunning high-desert landscape and stars.

This glamping spot is an ideal place for a small family. Larger families or those with older kids may need to book two luxury tents, as these accommodations can be a bit tight.

6. Joshua’s Tree Houses

Location: Yucca Valley, California (approx 23 miles from west Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 2 guests per tent

Situated on 5 acres of breathtaking high desert wilderness, Joshua’s Tree Houses will give your family the ultimate glamping experience.

You’ll have your pick of accommodation options ranging from luxury tents to an A-frame tiny home or a cute western-themed studio apartment.

The studio apartment features a comfortable queen bed, remote-controlled air conditioning and heating, a private kitchenette, a private bathroom, and an outdoor fire pit.

The A-frame tiny homes and luxury tents also have a comfy queen bed but no private kitchen or bathroom. Instead, there’s a communal outdoor kitchen and bathrooms on the property.

On this lovely boutique glamping site, you’ll also have access to a cowboy tub, hot tub, swimming pool, picnic tables, BBQ grill, bocce ball court, and more.

Be advised the final stretch of road heading into this property is unpaved and bumpy. While it’s certainly passable, I wouldn’t try it in a sports car or low-framed vehicle. Ideally, a larger vehicle, like an SUV, should be used to get here.

All accommodations on the property are designed to house just 2 guests. However, you can rent 2 or more abodes and easily fit your family. In fact, this lovely little slice of high desert is regularly rented out by larger groups for gatherings. Or you could make it a romantic getaway for you and the hubby.

7. Designer Joshua Tree Eclectic Hacienda

Location: Yucca Valley, California (approx 26 miles from west Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 6 guests

While not precisely “glamping,” the Designer Joshua Tree Eclectic Hacienda is a great option for a family stay in the Joshua Tree area.

This magnificent property covers almost 9 acres of unspoiled high desert land, lined with yucca trees, cacti, and desert wildflowers.

The 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath home contains a king-sized bed, a queen-sized bed, and a double bed, as well as a full kitchen, washer, dryer, smart TV, stereo, and much more.

The outside area has a swimming pool, hot tub, fire pit, dining area, geodesic dome, outdoor shower, plenty of furniture, sun coverings, and phenomenal panoramic views of the imposing desert mountains.

8. Bell Tent

Location: Anza, California (approx 75 miles from south Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 4 guests

This remote off-grid glamping spot is the perfect place to get away from residential areas and connect with nature.

In fact, a professional photographer said this property is “One of the least light-polluted locations in Southern California.”

When you’re not stargazing in your private jacuzzi hot tub, you can rest your head in your air-conditioned luxury tent equipped with a queen-sized bed, a sofa bed, a sitting area, books, and a coffeemaker.

Outside, you’ll have access to running water, an outdoor shower, an outhouse toilet, a BBQ grill, a fire pit, a wooden deck, and breathtaking views of the Southern California mountains.

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9. Welcome to Hartsville!

Location: Twentynine Palms, California (approx 13 miles from north Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 4 guests

Spending a few days at this charming homestead perched upon a rocky desert mesa is a great way to take in the Joshua Tree “vibes” and “vistas” while enjoying a comfortable stay.

Plus, you’ll have easy access to both the north entrance and west entrance of Joshua Tree National Park.

The home’s retro interior, designed with a modern take, will make your family feel like the movie stars who frequented this part of California in the 1950s and ’60s.

Not only will you be treated to retro styles, and stunning views, but plenty of comfort, as the home also features 2 queen-sized beds, a double futon bed, and a full bathroom with a bathtub and shower.

The house also has a full kitchen, dining area, plush living room, patio, and a billiards table, where your family can have fun shooting pool.

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photo shared by host Mireille

10. The Cabin Under the Stars

Location: Joshua Tree, California (approx 16 miles from west Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 4 guests

This 2-bedroom cabin, nestled in the boulder-filled hills of Joshua Tree, has a colorful bohemian vibe and plenty of character.

It offers a full kitchen with a refrigerator, oven, stove, and all the cookware you’ll need. Enjoy your meals in the indoor or outdoor dining space.

The first bedroom has a comfy king-sized bed, while the second has an equally comfy queen-sized bed. The whole house is air-conditioned and heated, plus it’s pet-friendly, so bring your furry friends along.

Be sure to check out the amazing desert-style landscaping in the yard and hang out in the hot tub or the simpler cowboy pool while taking in the views.

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photo via hotels.com

11. Rock Box Modern Adobe

Location: Joshua Tree, California (approx 4 miles from west Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 6 guests

The picture of luxury and modernity, this adobe home offers opulent comfort and loads of natural light while seamlessly blending into its private mountain. That’s right- the whole mountain is yours.

You can gaze at the unique surrounding landscape through a number of large windows, where petroglyphs are still visible on some of the nearby ancient boulders.

The “minimalist” kitchen uses shelving rather than traditional overhead cabinets to store many glasses, plates, bowls, and utensils. But rest assured, this is a full kitchen with all the amenities you’ll need.

A gorgeous living room and trio of bedrooms open directly onto your private patio, giving you the impression that you’re stepping directly out of your comfortable abode directly into the desert biosphere.

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image via VRBO

12. Luna Vista

Location: Joshua Tree, California (approx 3 miles from west Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 6 guests

Located in the town of Joshua Tree, just a short distance from the park’s west entrance, this fantastic southwestern-style home has all the amenities you could ask for and views that will have you looking to extend your stay as long as possible.

The secluded property offers a great chance to see wildlife, including desert tortoises, jackrabbits, and others. Because this happens so often, the hosts keep a wildlife logbook in the home, where you can read about and log wildlife encounters.

The dwelling has 2 queen-sized beds and 2 twin beds, along with 2 bathrooms. You’ll also get a full kitchen plus a washer and dryer.

Step outside to check out the “cowboy shower” or take a refreshing dip in the unheated cowboy tub. The views are unforgettable.

Pets are welcome in the home for an extra cost.

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image via VRBO

13. Palm Springs Camping Resort

Location: Palm Desert, California (approx 39 miles from south Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 6 guests

This adorable little cabin is tucked away inside the Palm Springs Camping Resort. It is just steps away from the Coachella Valley National Wildlife Refuge and offers easy access to the I-10 freeway.

Your private kitchen is equipped with a stovetop, refrigerator, coffee maker, and running water. This cabin can easily sleep a large family and contains a large double bed, a bunk bed, and a sofa bed.

Your family can enjoy any facilities inside the holiday park, including the communal swimming pool, hot tub, cabanas, billiards table, playground, tennis courts, and lounge area.

This property provides a comfortable stay and a great home base for exploring more remote parts of Joshua Tree National Park or surrounding attractions like Palm Springs, Mount San Jacinto, and the Salton Sea.

14. Private Desert Retreat with Rock Tub

Location: Twentynine Palms, California (approx 14 miles from north Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 8 guests

Have you ever dreamed of having a home encircled by desert as far as the eye can see? Here’s your chance.

This lovely little house is a perfect getaway because it feels “far-flung” while only being a 15-minute drive from restaurants, supermarkets, and a general store.

You’ll find ample sleeping space with 2 double beds and a sleep sofa spread through 3 bedrooms. There are also 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen, a washer, a dryer, and indoor/outdoor dining areas.

The home’s distinguishing feature is the rock tub, which feels like having your own private hot springs just steps outside your door. Be sure to relish the serene natural surroundings while relaxing in its revitalizing hot water.

As an added touch, all of the home’s eco-friendly decor is organic and vegan, complementing its many additional modern amenities making for a great overall living area.

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image via Expedia

15. Shooting Star Lodge

Location: Joshua Tree, California (approx 4 miles from west Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 6 guests

A holiday home just a “stone’s throw” from Joshua Tree’s west entrance, the Shooting Star Lodge is aptly named, as this may be one of the best places in the world to witness vivid nightly cosmic displays.

After spending the night watching stars jet across the sky, feel free to sleep in. You’ll be just minutes away from main Joshua Tree National Park attractions like Skull Rock and the Hidden Valley Nature Trail.

The home’s 2 bedrooms feature an extra-large double bed and a large double bed. There’s also 1 bathroom, a full kitchen, an outdoor fire pit, a patio with chairs, and crystal-clear mountain views.

For entertainment, there’s a TV with streaming services, board games, puzzles, and a record player complete with an eclectic record collection.

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image via booking.com

16. Shadow Hills RV Resort

Location: Indio, California (approx 36 miles from south Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 4 guests

An RV resort located near the famous Coachella Music Festival grounds, this property is the perfect spot for family fun and exploring the nearby high desert.

You could opt for a deluxe suite, a small cabin (about the size of a standard guest house) with a king-sized bed, a double sofa bed, a kitchen, heating, air conditioning, and a cute wooden deck.

Or opt for the classic mobile home, which resembles a vintage airstream. However, this contains just a double bed, making it viable only for small families.

The large property sports a good-sized outdoor swimming pool, BBQ grills, a garden, picnic tables, laundry facilities, and free fast WiFi.

17. The Invisible House Joshua Tree

Location: Joshua Tree, California (approx 2 miles from west Joshua Tree entrance) | Accommodates: 8 guests

This landmark Mojave desert home, located just outside the town of Joshua Tree, has become a retreat for artists and a jumping-off point for world-renowned athletes in town for the area’s first-class rock climbing sites.

When looking at this reflective building, you may need to squint your eyes to reassure yourself it’s not just a desert mirage.

Though, I can assure you it’s not!

The luxurious home sits on 90 acres of unspoiled land butting up against Joshua Tree National Park’s borders, with floor-to-ceiling windows providing stunning views of the surrounding desert.

And get this. It contains a massive indoor swimming pool next to a projector screen, where you can show movies, watch sports, or stream your favorite series.

Although this place might be a bit extravagant compared to your average glamping site, it’s a great option for events, parties, and family reunions, if you need a good reason to opt for the more glamorous stay.

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Closing Thoughts: Family Glamping Joshua Tree National Park

There are plenty of excellent glamping spots around Joshua Tree National Park. These are some of the best places for you and your family to comfortably experience the great outdoors.

Glamping continues to grow in popularity because it provides the best of both worlds – abundant nature and a luxurious setting.

In the glamping spots spread across Southern California’s high desert, and low desert for that matter, you’re likely to witness thousands of stars shining brightly, wild animals moving about, and serenity unmatched in much of the world.

Glamping is the best way for this mom to feel close to “Mother Earth” while still having a hot shower, full kitchen, and other modern amenities.

So, if you’re heading to Joshua Tree National Park, try out a glamping site where your family will have a unique experience and make memories that last forever.

Looking for more information about Joshua Tree NP, or glamping opportunities in more amazing US national parks? Be sure to check out these articles, too:

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