Glamping Zion National Park: 15 Best Family Options

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Is your family ready for the adventure of a lifetime deep into Southern Utah’s Zion National Park? Despite the lonely remoteness of this shockingly beautiful region, there are plenty of comfortable places where you can lay your head at night and have a little fun, too.

Maybe you’ve heard a friend mention glamping (glamorous camping), or maybe you’re a veteran glamper yourself. Either way, the new age phenomenon will make you and your family feel like hardcore “survivalists” while still sleeping in a comfy bed and taking hot showers.

Glamping Zion National Park can be daunting, thanks to the massive increase in visitors and subsequent glamping sites over the last few years.

Zion National Park landscapePin
Incredible Zion – one of Utah’s Mighty Five. As soon as you see it, you’ll understand why!

The good news is this article will help you narrow down your choices to only the cream of the crop. So, you can find your own unique Zion glamping experience.

I’ll give you the lowdown on the 15 best glamping sites near Zion National Park to help your family have the most extraordinary Zion trip possible. Whether you’re a longtime national park momma like me or a first-timer, the natural wonders of Zion National Park have something to offer you.

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Who’s ready to glamp? These glamping spots will give you an awesome place to stay while exploring all that amazing Zion has to offer!

Zion National Park: Overview

Zion National Park is located in southwestern Utah near the Arizona and Nevada borders. With almost 150,000 acres, the park encompasses desert landscapes, high mountain forests, and rushing rivers. It’s best known for the iconic 2,000-foot ruby-red walls that line Zion Canyon.

The vast canyon was formed over millions of years as the Virgin River slowly chipped away at the sandstone walls. Over the years, it’s been known as a rock climber’s paradise and one of America’s most visited national parks.

At the park’s South Entrance, the main Zion National Park entrance, visitors will find the Zion Canyon Visitor’s Center and a shuttle bus that will take you to the major points in Zion Canyon, including the trailhead of Angels Landing, the Emerald Pools, and the Narrows.

exploring slot canyons with a guide in Zion National ParkPin
Exploring a slot canyon with our naturalist guide from the Zion Canyon Field Institute –  Call 435-772-3264 or email ZCFI director Michael Plyler at [email protected]

These shuttles run daily from March to November and reopen temporarily during the holiday season. During these times, Zion Canyon Drive is closed to private vehicles.

However, intrepid travelers can enter more remote sections of the park, such as the West Zion entrance via Kolob Terrace Road, the East Zion entrance via W. Zion Park Boulevard, or the far-flung Kolob Canyons via E. Kolob Canyon Road.

three kids next to the Zion National Park Kolob Canyon sign in UtahPin

Summer months can bring intense heat and dry conditions to Zion National Park, while winter nights can get below freezing. Check weather and road conditions with the National Park Service to ensure the best experience.

couple hiking the Narrows, Zion National Park UtahPin
Tib and I hiking the Narrows in 2015

Zion Park Entrances

There are 3 main, full-service entrances to Zion.

The primary entrance, or South entrance, is also sometimes called the “Springdale” entrance as it abuts the town with that name. That’s where you’ll find the Zion Canyon Visitor’s Center and all park services.

There’s also the east entrance, near the small town of Mt. Carmel, which will take you through the park past “must-sees” like Checkerboard Mesa.

A lesser utilized Zion entrance, in the far northwest corner of the park, grants you access to an entirely different area known as Kolob Canyons. This entrance is called the Kolob Canyons entrance.

There is, however, a fourth, little-known entrance via Kolob Terrace Road, which, for our purposes, is referred to below as the “west Zion entrance.” This low-trafficked avenue climbs thousands of feet from the desert floor outside the town of Virgin, Utah, far into the highlands of Zion’s western edge.

The Kolob Terrace Road will put you squarely in the heart of Zion’s backcountry near famous hikes like “The Subway.” And while it’s a mesmerizingly beautiful drive, you won’t find any park services here, just a sign marking the entrance to Zion National Park.

Zion Lodging Options

Within Zion’s boundaries, there are two options for lodging:

  1. Camping – the NPS maintains 3 campgrounds, and reservations are required for each
  2. Zion Lodge

I highly recommend the Zion Lodge. In my opinion, it’s really hard to get any better than lodging within the borders of any national park.

Zion National Park Lodge in UtahPin
It’s hard to beat the convenience of staying at a lodge inside the park! I love and highly recommend doing so in Zion.

Not all parks have their own lodges, so if you have the opportunity to stay in the Zion Lodge for at least a couple nights (or if you like camping, more power to you!)

Then, you could split your trip (we use this technique ALL the time) and choose one (or more) of these awesome glamping options for the rest of your trip!

**Note that ALL of the glamping options recommended in this article, are located outside the park.

Zion National Park Lodge in Utah at dusk with deer grazing in front of the hotelPin
Zion Lodge at dusk – book early if you want the opportunity to stay within park boundaries here at the lodge

The Best Time To Glamp In Zion National Park

Ask 3 people when the best time to glamp in Zion National Park is, and you’ll get 3 different answers.

However, I’d recommend glamping during the late spring or early autumn when temperatures are mild, and the vegetation is either blooming or turning vibrant colors ranging from bright red to burnt orange and yellow.

The high season is May through July when thousands of visitors flock to the park on a daily basis.

three kids hiking in ZionPin
my three hiking and avoiding the summer crowds with our naturalist guide in the Zion back country

If you’d like to avoid the crowds, head into Zion between November and February. But bundle up and check the shuttle bus schedule, as temps cool and park services slow down in the “off-season.”

I personally prefer shoulder season (just before, and just after peak season) in September and April-early May.

Many glamping options provide air conditioning, central heating or a wood-burning/pellet stove, hot showers, and all the modern amenities you’ll need to brave the most extreme conditions Utah can throw at you.

So, no matter what time of year you visit, check in on local conditions so you and your family can have a fantastic experience relishing the stunning surroundings of Zion safely.

back of two women hiking in the Narrows at Zion National Park in UtahPin
my best friend and I celebrating our 40th birthdays in Zion, hiking the Narrows

15 Best Family-Friendly Glamping Zion National Park

1. Zion Wildflower

Location: Hildale, Utah | approx 14 miles from south Zion entrance | Accommodates: 6 guests

Relive the westward movement of pioneers in a “covered wagon” abode, take in the desert views from panoramic glamping tents, or opt for the more plush accommodations in a traditional private room. The choice is yours at Zion Wildflower Resort.

YouTube video

Located just 20 minutes from Zion’s south entrance, this 75-room property offers the best of both worlds, a close-to-nature feeling while still being within arm’s reach of modern amenities.

Adjacent to the Virgin River, Zion Wildflower provides a communal fire pit where you can relax after a long day hiking nearby trails and a playground where the kids can burn off that boundless energy before bedtime.

This little slice of heaven has a little something for everyone.

Larger families can go for the luxurious family single room containing a king bed and double bunk bed. If you’d prefer a traditional glamping site, check out the panoramic tent with a king bed and 2 twin beds.

For history buffs, the “covered wagon” tent offers a peak into what life was like on the frontier and easily sleeps a family of 4.

2. Under Canvas Zion

Location: Virgin, Utah | approx 1 mile from west Zion entrance | Accommodates: 4 guests

Ahhh…one of my FAVORITE glamping resorts. We haven’t stayed at THIS location (yet) but we’ve stayed at many of their other locations. Under Canvas is always top notch.

deluxe tent at Under Canvas West Yellowstone at duskPin
This is a typical Under Canvas tent – they are the same styles at each of their locations; this one was shot at their West Yellowstone location

With 196 acres of wilderness surrounding spacious canvas tents, utilizing excellent natural lighting and an “airy” feel, Under Canvas Zion will indeed have your kids feeling like they’re cowboys in the old West, but perhaps with a bit more comfort.

The vast property features a chic common area with sun coverings, comfortable lounge chairs, firepits, and pre-chopped wood to keep you warm while gazing at the impressive nightly show of stars.

Under Canvas Zion also has a fully staffed restaurant whipping up gourmet meals, delicious coffee drinks, and mouthwatering cocktails.

If you’ve brought the whole family along, opt for the suite tent, which sleeps 4 (king bed + pull out sofa). If your family is larger, add a hive (small tent that sits right next to your suite tent).

Or, if it’s just you and the hubby on a romantic getaway, take a look at the Stargazer or Deluxe, which each sleep only two, but still have their own private bathroom inside.

All family-sized glamping tents at Under Canvas Zion come with a private bathroom fully stocked with toiletries, a porch with chairs, a wood-burning stove, ample firewood, memory foam beds, and down comforters.

Under Canvas Zion allows you to stay in a plush canvas tent, only 1 mile from Zion’s west entrance (Kolob Terrace Road) and 20 miles from Zion’s most popular south (Springdale) entrance.

3. Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

Location: Springdale, Utah | approx 8 miles from east Zion entrance | Accommodates: 6 guests

Situated on over 4,000 acres just outside the eastern edge of Zion National Park, Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort certainly has no shortage of on-site activities for children and adults.

YouTube video
Quick video overview of the resort and lots of family-friendly amenities!

With all the modern amenities a gal and her kiddos could ask for. You and your family can enjoy an outdoor swimming pool, a mini golf course, a spa and wellness center, a hot tub, tennis courts, horseback riding, and more.

Zion Ponderosa Ranch is a great place to use as a home base while exploring the greater Southern Utah area. You’ll be just 30 minutes from Zion National Park, 40 minutes from Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, and 90 minutes from Bryce Canyon National Park.

Traditional glamping tents featuring a large double bed, 2 single beds, and a futon bed with a shared bathroom are available.

The property also contains multiple western-style ranch houses, bungalows, and chalets, complete with all modern amenities.

4. Zion Glamping Adventures

Location: Hildale, Utah | approx 43 miles from south Zion entrance | Accommodates: 4 guests

Zion Glamping Adventures offers an idyllic luxury glamping experience with cliff-dwelling luxury tents nestled in the red sun-kissed mountains of Southern Utah.

The pet-friendly property comes complete with on-site bicycle rentals, guided ecotours, free Wi-Fi in shared spaces, and breakfast included. There are also multiple well-known hiking trails a few minutes away.

If you’re looking to fully immerse yourself in the high desert environment but with ultimate style and comfort, Zion Glamping Adventures has you and your family covered.

Each luxury tent comes equipped with 2 comfortable queen beds and an exterior patio with a fire pit, picnic table, and chairs, plus beautiful views of the breathtaking natural surroundings.

Bathrooms and showers with accompanying toiletries are shared with other guests, as are the barbecue grills. However, private cabins with a single comfortable queen bed and personal bathrooms are also available.

5. Autocamp Zion

Location: Virgin, Utah | approx 13 miles from south Zion entrance | Accommodates: 4 guests

Autocamp Zion brings the dream of the classic American road trip … cruising through wide open spaces in a recreational vehicle, seeing the sights, and enjoying all the grandeur this country has to offer … to life.

Enjoy the traditional mobile home experience and add contemporary luxury in a beautifully refurbished Airstream suite complete with a queen bed, a double sofa bed, and a hot shower with a rainfall showerhead.

But that’s not all you’ll enjoy … as each Airstream suite comes with a covered picnic table, a personal crackling fire pit, free Wi-Fi, a 30-inch LED TV, air conditioning, comfy bathrobes, and all the toiletries you’ll need.

So you and your family will feel like you’ve parked your vintage Airstream deep in the wilds of Southern Utah without actually having to leave world-class comfort far behind.

After all, the property also includes an outdoor pool, a playground, and a plush clubhouse boasting high ceilings, a large fireplace, working spaces, high-speed Wi-Fi, 24/7 front desk staff, and a cafe/restaurant.

If sleeping in an Airstream isn’t your thing, look into the other on-site accommodations, including premium rooms that can comfortably sleep as many as 6.

6. Zion White Bison Glamping + RV Resort

Location: Virgin, Utah | approx 15 miles from south Zion entrance | Accommodates: 4 guests

Zion White Bison Glamping + RV Resort gives families the opportunity to get up close with and learn about white bison, an animal revered by the local indigenous population.

With 3 white bison and 3 bison calves in the property’s bison sanctuary, children and adults alike can hear the legends describing how these imposing animals once roamed the plains of North America.

The property provides a wide variety of housing options ranging from the “covered wagon” tents to ancient-style structures with modern comfort, as well as RV sites.

The Luxury Cliff Dwellings contain 2 queen beds, a private bathroom, a walk-in shower with a rainfall showerhead, plus central heating and cooling. These partially underground buildings modeled after ancient “kivas” (a Pueblo home) also have an indoor kitchen and personal hot tub.

“Roughing it” in the Covered Wagon Suite or the Luxury Teepee will get you many of the same modern amenities. However, these options feature an outdoor kitchen, making meal prep feel like an adventure.

7. Zion View Camping

Location: Hildale, Utah | approx 43 miles from south Zion entrance | Accommodates: 4 guests

With 17 individually furnished glamping sites provisioned with premium bedding and down comforters, Zion View Camping is one of the best places to stay on the Utah-Arizona border.

Choose a “covered wagon” tent that comfortably sleeps 3, or upgrade to the Double Queen tent containing a pair of queen beds for your comfort.

zion view camping conestoga wagon lodgingPin
one of the Conestoga wagon “cabins” at Zion View Camping (image via Zion View Camping)

All accommodations include private grills, where you can prepare a delicious meal while taking in the fresh desert air or the vibrant constellations.

The pet-friendly property also features a playground, so bring along your furry friends and watch the kids have fun while you wind down on your private deck or patio.

There are 4 communal bathrooms on the premises, and recreational activities are available. Check with the front desk to book horseback riding, canoeing, mountain climbing, bicycle rentals, or ecotours.

If you’re feeling adventurous, load the kids into the car and head for Arizona’s famed Lake Powell, just under a 2-hour drive east, or Grand Canyon National Park, just under a 2-hour drive south.

view of the wagons and tents at zion view camping facilitiesPin
View of the campsites at Zion View Camping (image via Zion View Camping)

8. Open Sky Zion

Location: Springdale, Utah | approx 11 miles from west Zion entrance | Accommodates: 6 guests

The perfect mix of glamorous luxury and natural beauty, Open Sky Zion can provide you and your family with a “camp-like” feel with a 5-star experience.

Located minutes away from the Whole Guacamole Trailhead, just a “stone’s throw” from Zion National Park’s southwestern corner, this sprawling estate will have you falling in love with the oven-baked boulders of Southern Utah.

The accommodations are handcrafted Bushtech safari-style tents imported from South Africa. But these “tents” looked closer to a multi-million dollar home you might find outside of Palm Springs, California.

Many of these so-called “tents” can sleep up to 6 and sport walk-in showers, massive bathtubs, and an AC unit. All decor is designed to blend with the local environment. Think lots of earthy tones.

Plus, the “tents” are spaced far apart, giving you the feeling of complete seclusion in the desert. But never fear, as the property’s restaurant is a few minute’s walk away, churning out delicious meals and cocktails every evening.

Zion’s main entrance, the south (Springdale) entrance, and the Zion Canyon Visitor’s Center are only 17 miles away.

9. Zion’s Tiny Getaway

Location: Hurricane, Utah | approx 35 miles from south Zion entrance | Accommodates: 6 guests

If you’re a fan of the “tiny home revolution” or have always wanted to see the potential of a tiny home for yourself, Zion’s Tiny Getaway is the place to be.

Choose between any of their 40 deluxe tiny homes, all distinctively furnished and decorated, where you and your family will have a truly unique glamping experience.

Despite their differences, each tiny home comes with a refrigerator, a microwave, a coffee/tea maker, free Wi-Fi, a Smart TV, air-conditioning, central heating, a private ensuite bathroom, a private deck, and more.

Some have firepits, roof decks, and even hot tubs.

Many of the units sleep 4-6 people, comfortable for a small family. Read descriptions and take a look at pictures to choose the sleeping configuration that will work best for your situation.

Glamping Zion National Park: "modern home with private hot tub" tiny home in Zion Tiny Getaway enclavePin
This unit is the “modern home with private hot tub

10. Base Camp 37

Location: Hurricane, Utah | approx 39 miles from east Zion entrance | Accommodates: 4 guests

A hop, skip, and jump from the Utah-Arizona border, Base Camp 37 provides staggering southward views of the expansive vistas along the 37th parallel.

The small, independently female-owned business has just 5 tents spread out across the grounds, allowing you and your family peace, tranquility, and solitude while still having all the creature comforts.

You’ll have access to an outdoor and an indoor kitchen, where you can prepare your morning coffee, cook up a tasty dinner, or simply enjoy a cup of tea or cocoa after a long day traipsing through Zion’s legendary landscape.

With 8 miles between you and the closest town, Kanab, Utah, the lack of artificial light makes the starry nights truly something to behold. Try counting the stars you can see from your glamping tent’s patio, and you’ll be up all night!

All tents on the property come with a Cal King memory foam luxury bed and handmade Oaxacan bedspread. The Escalante, Hayduke, and Katie Lee tents also feature a full-size futon for additional sleeping space.

On top of the 2 kitchens, the communal space provides 3 bathrooms, 2 showers, 2 refrigerators, cookware, glassware, silverware, spices, oils, and French Press coffee makers, plus plenty of chairs and table space, both inside and outside.

11. Cabins in Springdale

Location: Springdale, Utah | approx 0.5 miles from south Zion entrance | Accommodates: 4 guests

More of a rustic cabin setting than glamping, the Cabins in Springdale are practically in Zion Canyon, lying just 1/2 a mile from the south gate and a short drive from the Zion Canyon Visitor’s Center, where you can learn about local ecology and the Zion National Park Forever Project.

Think Little House On The Prairie with added luxuries like a hot shower, complimentary toiletries, air conditioning, and central heating. Drop that into the scarlet stone setting of Southeast Utah, only steps from the main entrance of Zion National Park.

The convenience of Cabins in Springdale can’t be beaten. Sleep in, enjoy your coffee, and head into the park when you’re good and ready.

Best Zion glamping spots: cabins at Springdale - row of cabins with beautiful mountains behindPin

All cabins on the property are identical, featuring a double bed, a twin bunk bed, and a twin futon, plus an expansive porch where you can watch the early spring snowmelt or keep an eye out for the mountain lions that roam the nearby jagged peaks … though sightings are extremely rare.

You’ll also have access to a shared swimming pool, coin-operated laundry, and a general store on the premises. The town of Springdale, where you’ll find coffee shops, live music, restaurants, and other forms of fun, is just outside your doorstep.

Advance reservations may be needed during peak season. If you book early, ask about the cancellation policy, as it may be subject to change.

12. The Dwellings

Location: La Verkin, Utah | approx 15 miles from west Zion entrance | Accommodates: 6 guests

A far cry from a hard night’s sleep on the rugged terrain, The Dwellings offers modern, minimalist housing for families, including pets.

The open-concept homes, with vaulted ceilings, large windows, and a thoughtful layout, sit at the top of a high cliff, providing a perch for outstanding west-facing views of the surrounding desert landscape.

Smaller families might stay in the Amazing View Room, which contains a king bed and a double sofa bed.

Larger families could take the Shocking View Stacker, a 2 story abode with a queen bed, 2 twin bunk beds, and a double sofa bed.

All rooms are pet-friendly with air-conditioning, central heat, free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, complimentary toiletries, and a kitchenette.

More than half of the 17 dwellings have a fenced-in backyard with a fire pit, where you and your family can enjoy an evening below the stars. The others utilize cozy porches, which are great for having a glass of wine while watching a Utah sunset.

This “home away from home” is also just 22 miles from the Zion National Park’s south (Springdale) entrance.

one of the Zion "Dwellings" tiny homes on the side of a hill overlooking a riverPin

13. Glamping, Off-Grid Adventure

Location: Fredonia, Arizona | approx 38 miles from east Zion entrance | Accommodates: 6 guests

An eco-friendly property employing solar power, composting toilets, a hand pump water dispenser, and a rainwater catching system will allow your family to really get “in tune” with Mother Nature.

This lovely little cabin situated on 10 acres of unspoiled wilderness has all the rural charm you could ever want, with added amenities, of course.

The homey residence supplies a king bed, a large futon, and a kitchen with a refrigerator, oven, stovetop, electric kettle, and utensils. The barbecue grill is located outside.

Located just south of the Utah border in Fredonia, Arizona, this property is a great in-between point for families visiting both Zion National Park and Grand Canyon National Park. It’s also 78 miles from Lake Powell, the ideal place to beat the summer heat.

The isolated property is excellent for exploring hiking trails and viewing untouched wildlife. Be sure to bring plenty of supplies, like water and snacks, for your adventures.

wood cabin with grill, small deck and seating outdoorsPin

14. Guardian Angel Tiny House

Location: Washington County, Utah | approx 3 miles from west Zion entrance | Accommodates: 4 guests

A tiny home just minutes from the remote west entrance to Zion National Park, the Guardian Angel Tiny House is the location to let your hair down and open your wings.

This tiny home affords comfort and luxury in absolutely stunning surroundings, which are always in view thanks to the home’s numerous windows.

For what this place lacks in square footage, it makes up for with ingenious design incorporating a king bed, sleep sofa, bathtub, serviceable kitchen, and private hot tub.

exterior of guardian angel tiny house - a glamping spot near Zion National ParkPin

Spend an evening on the wrap-around porch gazing at the stars, listening to the wildlife, and roasting marshmallows on the fire pit.

The tiny home amazingly contains a washer and dryer, is air-conditioned, and provides a barbecue grill on the impressive patio, where you can dine in one of the most fantastic desert landscapes on the planet.

Guardian Angel Tiny Houses’s proximity to Zion’s western edge makes it the ideal place to access famous backcountry hiking trails within the park.

15. East Zion Resort

Location: Toquerville, Utah | approx 18 miles from east Zion entrance | Accommodates: 6 guests

With 73 acres of land featuring glamping tents, yurts, treehouses, tiny houses, and a lodge about 30 minutes from Zion’s east entrance, East Zion Resort is a great place to stay, play, and celebrate.

If you need a home base for your family’s exploration of the region, this impressive campus could be a great choice since it sits just 55 miles from Bryce Canyon National Park and 100 miles from the Grand Canyon’s North Rim.

Plus, the facilities include a swimming pool and 2 hot tubs in addition to rock climbing tours, slot canyon tours, horseback riding, watersport rentals, Jeep rentals, and more.

Larger families can unwind in the lavished surroundings of the Farmhouse Suite, containing 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Treetop Cabins, complete with modern kitchens, air conditioning, central heating, a king-size bed, a pullout couch bed, and massive windows offering views that are simply to die for, will have you and your kids feeling like you’re in a “playhouse” but with 1,000x the comfort.

Glamping tents placed on a rocky hillside also supply stunning views, where you can hang out while enjoying plenty of natural light, a patio with chairs, a private bathroom, air conditioning, a kitchenette, and a fire pit.

Closing Thoughts: Family Glamping Zion National Park

There are scores of excellent glamping spots, including luxury glamping resort options around Zion National Park. These fun lodging options help us to connect with the earth while still living in the modern comfort we know and love. In our family’s journeys, I find this kind of lodging to be the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day.

Glamping provides an ideal spot to clean up after a long day, cook a nutritious dinner, then cuddle up and still be one with the natural surroundings.

The isolation affords you the opportunity to count the thousands of visible stars, guess which animals are howling or hooting in the distance, and spend quality time with your family.

In this mom’s mind, glamping is the only way to get the positives of camping with none of the negatives. There’s nothing quite like it, with far more comfort than traditional camping, still offering a close-to-nature experience.

So, rather than suffering in a tent, questioning your sanity all night, head back to your fun, luxurious glamping site and get the most out of your trip to one of our nation’s most popular national parks.

Pin this glamping Zion National Park information for later! And if you found this article helpful, leave a comment on the pin. That helps others decide whether to use this information, too!

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