Must-See Glacier National Park Spots For Families (+ Surrounding Areas)

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A guide to the top places you must see in Glacier National Park (and the surrounding area) for your family!

Heading out on a family trip to Glacier National Park is a fantastic idea! This beautiful spot in Montana has stunning views and lots of fun activities for everyone. Designated as a National Historic Landmark, Glacier holds a special place in the nation’s heritage. 

It’s not just about the park, though! While you’re in this neck of the United States, there is plenty to explore outside the park as well.

Start your adventure in the charming town of Whitefish. It has cute shops, nice beaches, and cool breweries. Your family will love the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery.

Take a drive into Canada to visit Waterton Lakes National Park. There, you’ll find the historic Prince of Wales Hotel and more breathtaking views.

Join us as we guide you through the best things to do and best places to go in and around the park, making sure your family trip to Glacier National Park is filled with fun and memorable moments. Get ready for a great time in nature!

Glacier National Park sign with a rainbow abovePin

Whitefish, Montana

Distance to Glacier National Park: 26 miles

Begin your family’s adventure in the charming town of Whitefish – a perfect starting point for your exploration of the Glacier National Park region. With its friendly atmosphere, delightful shops, and beautiful beaches, Whitefish sets the stage for a memorable family vacation.

Whitefish is a year-round destination with each season offering unique experiences.

  • Summer (June to August) is perfect for outdoor activities, like water sports on Whitefish Lake, and browsing the town’s farmers market or going to the outdoor summer concert series.
  • Fall (September to November) shows off vibrant autumn colors and offers a chance to check out Oktoberfest for a weekend of music, dancing, and, of course, a wide variety of craft beers.
  • Winter (December to February) is perfect because of the opportunities for skiing and winter sports. You also might catch the Winter Carnival or the New Year Polar Bear Plunge!
  • Spring (March to May) is a quieter time with milder temperatures, making it great for families looking for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Now let’s take a look at a few of the popular destinations in Whitefish.

Downtown Whitefish

If you asked me what my favorite town in the US was, Whitefish Montana would be in my top 3, no question.

Downtown Whitefish is a fantastic spot for families. The charming streets are full of cute shops filled with unique finds, perfect for grabbing souvenirs.

There’s a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries (more about our favorite below) and tons of local events and festivals.

One of the best parts is the backdrop of stunning mountain views that make Whitefish feel like a living postcard.

Whitefish City Beach

Head to Whitefish City Beach for a relaxing day by the lake. Just a short drive from downtown, the sandy shores of Whitefish Lake offer a perfect spot for picnics and water activities.

Your family can enjoy swimming, building sandcastles, and soaking up the sunshine in this beautiful lakeside setting.

whitefish city beach, montanaPin
Whitefish City Beach on a foggy day

Whitefish Mountain Resort

For outdoor enthusiasts, Whitefish Mountain Resort is a must-visit. Reachable by car or resort shuttle, the mountain offers year-round activities.

In the summer, take a scenic gondola ride for breathtaking views, or explore mountain biking trails.

Winter brings skiing and snowboarding for a family-friendly snowy adventure.

Places You Must See In Glacier National Park

As you leave Whitefish behind, get ready for the heart of Glacier National Park. This part of your family journey is all about exploring the amazing nature of Montana.

The prime time to visit Glacier National Park is during the summer months, typically from late June to early September. During this period, most roads and services are open, allowing easy access to popular attractions.

The weather is generally pleasant, and all outdoor activities, including hiking and wildlife viewing, are in full swing. However, be aware that this is also peak season, so plan accordingly to avoid crowds and check the park website to make sure to secure any required reservations in advance.

So, let’s take a look at the must-see spots in Glacier National Park where you can make special memories with your family in the great outdoors.

NPS Glacier National Park entrance signPin

Agpar Village

Start your adventure in Apgar Village, the gateway to Glacier National Park.

Near West Glacier and surrounded by lush forests and located along the shores of Lake McDonald, it’s a perfect spot for picnics and leisurely walks.

Easily accessible by car, Apgar Village sets the stage for your family’s journey into the heart of the park and the Apgar Visitor Center is a great starting point, offering insights into the park’s history and geology.

Apgar Visitor Center, Glacier NPPin

Lake McDonald

Once you’ve entered the park at the west entrance, start your exploration at Lake McDonald, where crystal-clear waters reflect the towering mountains.

Enjoy a leisurely walk (or horseback ride!) along the edge of the park’s largest lake or rent a boat for a family-friendly cruise.

This is also excellent place to set up your homebase while you’re exploring the park. You can stay right here at the historic Lake McDonald Lodge! 

Dating back to 1913, you’ll find a massive fireplace in the lodge’s lobby, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The lodge provides a range of accommodations, from comfortable rooms to charming lakeside cabins, allowing families to choose the perfect setting for their stay.

The lodge is also where you’ll find the renowned Russell’s Fireside Dining Room, where guests can enjoy delicious meals with a view of the lake.

Lake McDonald Lodge operates during the summer season, usually from late May to late September, aligning with the peak season in Glacier National Park.

If you’re looking for a more rustic stay, check out the Fish Creek Campground, situated near lake’s edge.

a must see in Glacier National Park, Montana: lake mcdonaldPin
Beautiful Lake McDonald

Going-to-the-Sun Road

Prepare for an iconic road trip on the winding Going-to-the-Sun Road. There are pullouts along the way for photos, and you can take a shuttle to avoid the drive.

**During peak season, the NPS requires vehicle reservations to enter this part of the park. Availability is released approximately 4 months ahead of time, so once you know when you’ll be headed to the park, set a calendar reminder to grab your entry reservation.

Wildlife like bighorn sheep and mountain goats often make appearances, delighting kids and adults alike.

view along going to the sun road glacier national parkPin
View along the Going To The Sun Road, Glacier National Park

Along this pass you’ll see iconic pull-offs and trailheads like:

  • Wild Goose Island Overlook: This view of St. Mary Lake is one of the most iconic scenes in the park.
  • Trail of the Cedars: An accessible boardwalk trail through a cedar forest, providing a peaceful and family-friendly experience.
  • The Loop: This area offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. It’s also the starting point for the Highline Trail.
  • Logan Pass: The highest point on the road accessible by car. Logan Pass offers stunning alpine scenery, wildlife sightings, and the popular Hidden Lake Overlook trailhead.
  • Oberlin Bend: A pullout providing fantastic views of Mount Oberlin and the surrounding landscapes.
  • Big Bend: An expansive viewpoint where the road curves around the mountains, offering breathtaking views of the glacial valleys.
  • Lunch Creek: A serene spot with a cascading waterfall and opportunities for short hikes.
  • Siyeh Bend: A pullout providing views of the Siyeh Mountain and Matahpi Peak.
  • Jackson Glacier Overlook: An opportunity to see the Jackson Glacier, one of the park’s remaining active glaciers, from a distance.
  • St. Mary Visitor Center: Located at the east end of the road, the St. Mary Visitor Center offers information, exhibits, and stunning views of St. Mary Lake.

Trail of the Cedars and Avalanche Lake

The Trail of the Cedars is a captivating pathway in Glacier National Park, known for its accessibility and family-friendly features. Situated in the Avalanche Creek area, this trail is easily accessible from the Going-to-the-Sun Road, making it convenient for families to explore.

As you venture along the Trail of the Cedars, you’ll find yourself immersed in a lush cedar forest. Towering cedar trees create a shaded canopy, providing a cool and serene environment. The trail is well-maintained with a wooden boardwalk that winds through the forest.

boardwalk on Trail of the Cedars, Glacier National Park, MontanaPin
boardwalk on Trail of the Cedars

The wooden boardwalk is particularly friendly for strollers and wheelchairs, offering an inclusive experience for everyone. Along the way, you’ll see vibrant greenery and moss-covered rocks, and hear the soothing sounds of Avalanche Creek.

Now, as you follow the Trail of the Cedars, you’ll eventually reach the Avalanche Lake trailhead. This marks the starting point for the hike to Avalanche Lake.

The journey to Avalanche Lake involves a gradual ascent, providing a moderate challenge suitable for families. The trail offers glimpses of Avalanche Gorge, a picturesque spot where the creek rushes through a narrow gorge.

Upon reaching Avalanche Lake, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning alpine lake surrounded by towering mountain peaks and waterfalls. The pristine beauty of the lake and the surrounding landscape make the hike worthwhile.

The hike from the Trail of the Cedars to Avalanche Lake is about 4.6 miles roundtrip, offering a satisfying adventure without being overly strenuous.

Avalanche Lake, Glacier National Park, MontanaPin
Avalanche Lake

Highline Trail

For families looking for an exciting hiking adventure, the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park is a must-do.

This iconic trail takes you along the beautiful slopes of the Continental Divide, treating your family to panoramic views of the landscape.

The Highline Trail is known for its relatively moderate difficulty, making it a popular hike for families with older kids or those looking for a bit of a challenge.

Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife encounters, as the trail provides an opportunity to spot mountain goats and other native species in their natural habitat.

The best time to hike the Highline Trail is during the summer months when the trails are free of snow, and the weather is mild.

view of mountains along the highline trail, glacier npPin
Highline Trail, Glacier National Park

St. Mary

Explore the beauty of St. Mary in Glacier National Park’s east. Enjoy the lovely views of St. Mary Lake, a beautiful spot surrounded by nature.

Capture reflections of mountains in the clear waters or try family-friendly hikes like the St. Mary Falls and Virginia Falls trail for a fun adventure.

st mary's lake, Glacier National Park, MontanaPin
St Mary’s Lake

Logan Pass

In addition to experiencing the continental divide, the Logan Pass Visitors Center is also a must-see.

ids can earn Junior Ranger badges, and families can learn about the park’s unique ecosystem. From here, set out on family-friendly trails like the Hidden Lake Overlook, where you might spot playful mountain goats.

Logan Pass Visitor Center, Glacier NPPin
Logan Pass NPS Visitor Center

Many Glacier Area

Venture to the Many Glacier Area, known for its stunning scenery and wildlife. Take a boat tour on Swiftcurrent Lake and hike to Grinnell Glacier—pack a picnic for an unforgettable family day.

Swiftcurrent Lake Glacier National ParkPin
Swiftcurrent Lake

If you’re interesting in the backcountry camping in this area, consider horseback riding to your campsite, or for a more refined experience, stay at the historic Many Glacier Hotel! 

This historic hotel, dating back to 1915, offers panoramic views of rugged peaks, including the iconic Grinnell Point. The hotel’s setting on the shores of Swiftcurrent Lake adds to its allure, creating a peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding and connecting with nature.

Grinnell Lake trail, Glacier National Park, MontanaPin
Grinnell Lake Trail

Many Glacier Hotel offers a range of accommodations, from cozy rooms with modern amenities to charming Swiss-style chalets.

The Swiss Lounge and Ptarmigan Dining Room provide excellent dining option where you can savor delicious meals while surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

outside of Many Glacier HotelPin
Many Glacier Hotel

Two Medicine Lake

For a peaceful retreat, visit Two Medicine Lake. An easy drive takes you to this serene spot where the family can enjoy a boat tour or a relaxed walk along the lakeshore.

Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park, MontanaPin
Two Medicine Lake

North Fork

As you plan your family’s adventure in Glacier National Park, don’t overlook the beautiful North Fork region.

Nestled in the park’s northwest corner, the North Fork offers a more secluded and rustic experience, providing a peaceful contrast to the bustling activities in other areas.

This less-explored region is known for its pristine wilderness, including Bowman Lake and Kintla Lake, with serene landscapes and excellent opportunities for those looking for a more off-the-beaten-path experience.

Consider taking a scenic drive along the Inside North Fork Road, a dirt road with stunning views of the North Fork Flathead River and surrounding wilderness. Off this road you’ll also find a gravel road leading to Bowman Lake, providing a more secluded drive with opportunities for wildlife sightings.

While the amenities may be simpler in the North Fork, the trade-off is a quieter atmosphere and a chance to connect with nature in a more intimate setting.

north fork montana at sunsetPin
In North Fork, Montana

Cracker Lake

As your family laces up their hiking boots and ventures into the heart of Glacier National Park, consider adding the picturesque Cracker Lake trail to your itinerary.

This stunning alpine lake, tucked away in the Lewis Range, offers a rewarding and family-friendly trek that showcases the park’s natural beauty.

The Cracker Lake trail is a moderately challenging hike that leads you through lush forests, wildflower meadows, and alongside babbling streams.

The trail unfolds with breathtaking views and, as you ascend, the turquoise waters of Cracker Lake come into view, surrounded by towering cliffs and rugged peaks.

cracker lake, glacier national park, montanaPin
Cracker Lake

For detailed information about the best family-friendly hikes in Glacier, head to this article. Here I’ll mention some of the most popular hikes in the park (although these are NOT all family-friendly!)

  1. Highline Trail: A scenic trail along the Garden Wall, offering breathtaking views of the mountains and wildlife. Difficulty: Moderate to strenuous.
  2. Hidden Lake Overlook Trail: A relatively short hike with a rewarding view of Hidden Lake and surrounding peaks. Difficulty: Moderate.
  3. Avalanche Lake Trail: A beautiful trail leading to the serene Avalanche Lake, surrounded by mountains and waterfalls. Difficulty: Moderate.
  4. Grinnell Glacier Trail: A challenging but rewarding hike to the stunning Grinnell Glacier with panoramic views. Difficulty: Strenuous.
  5. Iceberg Lake Trail: A scenic hike to Iceberg Lake, known for its crystal-clear waters and floating icebergs. Difficulty: Moderate.
  6. Cracker Lake Trail: A moderately challenging hike leading to the turquoise waters of Cracker Lake. Difficulty: Moderate.
  7. Swiftcurrent Pass Trail: A trail offering breathtaking views of Swiftcurrent Lake and the surrounding peaks. Difficulty: Strenuous.
  8. Two Medicine Lake Trail: A trail network around Two Medicine Lake, providing a variety of hiking options. Difficulty: Varies.
  9. Loop Trail to Ptarmigan Tunnel: A unique trail leading through a tunnel in the mountains with stunning views on both ends. Difficulty: Moderate to strenuous.
  10. Siyeh Pass Trail: A challenging trail with panoramic views, including the stunning Sexton Glacier. Difficulty: Strenuous.

Note: As you embark on hikes and trails, especially in the beautiful backcountry areas like the Grinnell Glacier trail, it’s crucial to be bear-aware.

Grizzly bears and black bears call this region home, and carrying bear spray, making noise, and traveling in groups can help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for your family.

Take this opportunity to teach your kids about wildlife safety and the importance of respecting the natural habitats of these incredible creatures.

bear country safety/warning signPin
Being “Bear Aware” is very important in this park! Travel in groups, and carry bear spray.

Must See Spots Outside of Glacier National Park

After immersing your family in the wonders of Glacier National Park, the adventure doesn’t end at the park’s borders—there’s still so much to explore beyond the park gates!

Don’t skip the opportunity to venture into the landscapes surrounding the park. As you unwind for the night your hotel or campsite, gear up for the next chapter of your Montana escapade.

From the vibrant artsy town of Bigfork along the shores of Flathead Lake to the historic Polebridge Mercantile just outside the park’s northwest entrance, the great Montana wilderness offers an array of unforgettable experiences.

So, pack your sense of curiosity and set out to discover the hidden gems and charming communities that make this region special.

Flathead Lake

Distance to Glacier National Park: 40 miles

Take a short drive south of Whitefish to explore the largest natural freshwater lake in the western U.S.—Flathead Lake.

With its clear waters and stunning scenery, it’s a perfect spot for family picnics, water activities, and relaxation.

You can reach it easily by car, and kids will love the chance to play on the sandy shores or take a boat ride.

It’s a serene escape with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

flathead lake, montana Pin
Flathead Lake


Distance to Glacier National Park: 30 miles

Visit the charming town of Bigfork, located on the northeast shore of Flathead Lake.

It’s a picturesque spot with art galleries, boutiques, and a relaxing atmosphere.

A short drive from the park, Bigfork offers a leisurely experience for families, allowing you to stroll along the Swan River, explore local shops, and enjoy the artsy vibe.

homes on the water in bigfork montana and water float toys in waterPin
In the town of Bigfork, Montana

Polebridge Mercantile

Distance to Glacier National Park: 13 miles

Head northwest to the historic Polebridge Mercantile, a delightful stop just outside the park.

This rustic general store is famous for its bakery treats and unique charm. The family will love the cozy atmosphere, and you can stock up on snacks before heading into the wilderness.

National Bison Range

Distance to Glacier National Park: 100 miles

Drive northwest to experience the National Bison Range, a wildlife refuge where you can spot bison, elk, and deer in their natural habitat.

This is an exciting opportunity for kids to see these majestic animals up close. The scenic loop offers stunning views, and it’s a unique wildlife experience just a short drive from the park.

bison seen at national bison range, montanaPin
bison at the National Bison Range

Hungry Horse Dam

Distance to Glacier National Park: 9 miles

Explore the impressive Hungry Horse Dam located to the northeast. This massive arch dam showcases the power of nature and engineering.

Take a guided tour to learn about hydroelectric power and enjoy the scenic views. It’s an educational and visually striking experience for the whole family.

hungry horse dam, montanaPin
Hungry Horse Dam

Kootenai Falls and Swinging Bridge

Distance to Glacier National Park: 133 miles

Venture southwest to Kootenai Falls and Swinging Bridge, a beautiful spot for a family outing.

Accessible by car, the falls offer a natural spectacle, and the iconic swinging bridge adds an element of adventure. It’s a great place for a nature walk and a fun family photo opportunity.

Kootenai Falls, MontanaPin
Kootenai Falls

Best Hikes Outside Glacier National Park

Here are some of the most popular hikes outside of the park. They are not all super close to Glacier NP, so the distance is listed for your reference.

**If you are traveling with novice hikers or kids, make sure you are familiar and comfortable with the length and difficulty of each option.

  1. Bigfork Nature Trail (Swan River Nature Trail): A scenic trail along the Swan River, offering a peaceful and easy hike.
    • Location: Bigfork, Montana (40 miles from the park)
    • Highlights: River views, birdwatching, and lush forests.
  2. Jewel Basin Hiking Area: A network of trails in the Jewel Basin providing various options for hikers of different skill levels.
    • Location: Kalispell, Montana (34 miles from the park)
    • Highlights: Alpine lakes, mountain scenery, and wildflower meadows.
  3. Whitefish Trail: A multi-use trail system with options for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.
    • Location: Whitefish, Montana (26 miles from the park)
    • Highlights: Whitefish Lake views, forests, and diverse terrain.
  4. Kootenai Falls and Swinging Bridge: An easy hike to the impressive Kootenai Falls and a historic swinging bridge.
    • Location: Libby, Montana (133 miles from the park)
    • Highlights: Waterfall views, suspension bridge, and the Kootenai River.
  5. Great Northern Mountain Trail: A challenging hike to the summit of Great Northern Mountain with stunning vistas.
    • Location: West Glacier, Montana (<1 mile from the park)
    • Highlights: Panoramic views of Glacier National Park and surrounding mountains.
  6. Mount Aeneas Trail: A moderately challenging trail leading to the summit of Mount Aeneas with expansive views.
    • Location: Hungry Horse, Montana (10 miles from the park)
    • Highlights: Alpine meadows, wildflowers, and vistas of the Flathead Valley.
  7. Swan River Nature Trail: A peaceful trail along the Swan River, suitable for all skill levels.
    • Location: Swan Lake, Montana (56 miles from the park)
    • Highlights: River views, birdwatching, and forested landscapes.
  8. Blue Mountain Trail: A network of trails on Blue Mountain offering various loops and scenic overlooks.
    • Location: Missoula, Montana (138 miles from the park)
    • Highlights: Views of the Bitterroot Valley, Missoula, and surrounding mountains.
  9. Lost Trail National Wildlife Refuge Loop: A loop trail in the Lost Trail National Wildlife Refuge with opportunities for birdwatching.
    • Location: Marion, Montana (54 miles from the park)
    • Highlights: Wetlands, wildlife, and scenic landscapes.
  10. Apgar Lookout Trail: A moderate hike to Apgar Lookout with stunning views of Lake McDonald and the surrounding mountains.
    • Location: Apgar, Montana (2 miles from the park)
    • Highlights: Panoramic vistas, wildflowers, and glimpses of wildlife.

Waterton Lakes National Park

Distance from Glacier National Park: 60 miles (and across the US/Canadian border)

Now that you’ve explored the beauty of Glacier National Park and the nearby spots, don’t miss the chance for a quick trip across the Canadian border to Waterton Lakes National Park, known for its turquoise lakes and scenic mountains.

The drive will take you up one of the most scenic drives in the area, the Chief Mountain International Highway. This drive provides stunning views of Chief Mountain and diverse landscapes.

Families can enjoy boat tours on Waterton Lake for a unique perspective of the surrounding landscapes.

With various trails suitable for all skill levels, it’s an ideal place to immerse the family in the great outdoors.

banks of Waterton Lake in Waterton Lake National Park, Alberta CanadaPin
Waterton Lake

Don’t forget to bring your passports for the border-crossing! And check before your trip for any current border crossing requirements.

Similar to Glacier, the best time to visit Waterton Lakes National Park is during the summer months (late June to early September). This is when most services are available, and outdoor activities are at their peak.

Let’s take a look at the must-see sights at Waterton Lakes to check out during your Glacier National Park experience.

Waterton Lake, Waterton Lake National Park, CanadaPin
Waterton Lake

Waterton Village

Distance from Glacier National Park: 86 miles (and across the US/Canadian border)

Begin your Canadian adventure in Waterton Village, a charming town offering friendly shops, cozy cafes, and a relaxed atmosphere.

It’s a delightful spot to stroll and soak in the friendly Canadian hospitality.

Prince of Wales Hotel

Distance from Glacier National Park: 68 miles (and across the US/Canadian border)

Overlooking the pristine Waterton Lake, the historic Prince of Wales Hotel is a must-visit. It’s a simple way to add an international touch to your family’s Montana adventure, with beautiful landscapes that continue seamlessly from what you’ve seen so far.

A short drive or walk from Waterton Village, this grand hotel offers stunning views and a touch of Canadian history. The family will love the picturesque setting and the chance to capture memorable photos of the lake and surrounding mountains.

The Prince of Wales Hotel typically opens during the summer season.

exterior of Prince of Wales Hotel WatertonPin
Prince of Wales Hotel

These are some of the most popular hikes in the park (although these are NOT all family-friendly!) Make sure your travel group is comfortable with the length and difficulty level of any of these options before your depart on your hiking adventure!

  1. Crypt Lake Trail: A challenging and highly rewarding trail leading to Crypt Lake, featuring a tunnel, waterfalls, and stunning mountain views.
    • Highlights: Waterfall, alpine meadows, and a pristine mountain lake.
  2. Bears Hump Trail: A short but steep hike offering panoramic views of Waterton Village, Upper Waterton Lake, and the surrounding mountains.
    • Highlights: Scenic overlook, diverse flora, and wildlife sightings.
  3. Akamina Ridge Trail: A moderately challenging trail with sweeping views of the Akamina Valley, Waterton Lake, and the surrounding peaks.
    • Highlights: Alpine scenery, wildflowers, and opportunities for wildlife observation.
  4. Carthew-Alderson Trail: A scenic and diverse trail traversing mountain passes, alpine meadows, and ending at Cameron Lake.
    • Highlights: Mountain vistas, wildflower-filled meadows, and a serene alpine lake.
  5. Bertha Falls Trail: An accessible hike leading to Bertha Falls, surrounded by lush forests and mountain scenery.
    • Highlights: Waterfall, wooded landscapes, and possible wildlife sightings.
  6. Lineham Ridge Trail: A challenging trail offering stunning views of Lineham Lakes, the surrounding peaks, and the Belly River Valley.
    • Highlights: Alpine landscapes, mountain lakes, and potential wildlife sightings.
  7. Blakiston Falls Trail: An easy trail leading to Blakiston Falls, with opportunities for birdwatching and enjoying the tranquil Cameron Creek.
    • Highlights: Waterfall, forested surroundings, and birdwatching.
  8. Crandell Lake Trail: A short and family-friendly trail leading to Crandell Lake with views of Mount Crandell.
    • Highlights: Mountain lake, forested landscapes, and potential wildlife sightings.
  9. Red Rock Canyon Trail: An easy trail leading to the vividly colored Red Rock Canyon, surrounded by red and green-hued cliffs.
    • Highlights: Striking canyon scenery, unique geological formations, and opportunities for photography.
  10. Lower Rowe Lake Trail: A serene trail leading to Lower Rowe Lake with opportunities for birdwatching and enjoying the peaceful setting.
    • Highlights: Lake views, wooded surroundings, and potential wildlife sightings.

As you plan your family trip to Glacier National Park, get excited for the awesome adventure ahead!

From the big mountains in Glacier to the cozy town of Whitefish, the pretty Flathead Lake, and the friendly spot in Waterton, there’s so much to look forward to.

Think about the laughs your kids will have on the trails, the happy moments with beautiful backgrounds, and the fun times in small towns – all waiting for you.

Happy planning, and may your family trip be filled with lots of love, laughter, and exploring!

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vintage pic of me in my early 20’s during my first trip to Glacier NP

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