13 BEST Yellowstone National Park Waterfalls To See

National Parks Mom

You’re expecting gorgeous and spectacular everything when you visit Yellowstone, and this park won’t disappoint. And yes, that includes the Yellowstone National Park waterfalls.

While you might make a beeline for the park’s other attractions…thermal features like the Grand Prismatic Spring, or a spot renowned for wildlife like Lamar Valley, you don’t want to miss waterfalling.

Upper Falls

There are two great options for seeing the Upper Falls. One offers a very short walk for a grand view of the falls from afar. The other will offer a VERY up-close view, for slightly more effort.


Lower Falls

The Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River, at 308 feet, rage and plunge through the 1,000-foot-deep Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Believe it or not, the Lower Falls are twice the height of Niagara Falls.


Crystal Falls

Don’t forget about Crystal Falls amid the grandeur of Upper and Lower Falls. You can see it between both Upper and Lower Falls. It’s a whopping 129 feet of crystal beauty! Your family will like this as much as the Upper and Lower Falls.



Fairy Falls

First, you’ll have the opportunity to take a left at a fork in the path to see a bird’s-eye, gorgeous view of the Grand Prismatic Spring, which is better than the view you get on the walking trail.


Cave Falls

We’ll cover Bechler Falls and Cave Falls in the same group because you can access them on the same hike/drive. Note that these two waterfalls, though close to eachother, are very much off the beaten track from the rest of the park.


Bechler Falls

Bechler Falls is one of the broadest and most voluminous waterfalls in Yellowstone tucked in the remote southwest corner of Yellowstone.

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